wow, two in one day?!?

Letting the man-child (my nephew) plan the geocaching route for this weekend. He's 16, doesn't own a GPS, but is very very excited. So I guess that is okay. I think I may have to dig out some warmer clothes though. Right now it is 38F AND the sun is up. I can only imagine what it will be like at 11pm saturday night, I'm thinking pretty darn cold. Wonder ifI should plan an alternate caching route just in case...hmm...probably. Night caching is always harder but no less entertaining. Additional tools are always required, such as a flashlight, handy dandy mirror for scoping out probable hidden spiders (there is screaming inside my hed right now) and good boots for the stomping of said spiders.
There was a black widow about the size of a half dollar about 1 foot from this one that I almost stuck my hand on, I was creeped out the whole rest of the night. In fact I'm kinda creeped out now.


Okay, I'm freezing. The Husband called me at 6.10am on his way to work to tell me it had snowed. I thought, duh, they've been telling us that for days. He says no, it snowed HERE, like in our mountains. So I put on some pseudo warm clothes (ie: a bathrobe and sandals)and shivered my way outside. Low and behold...SNOW!! Copious amounts of it. Unfortunately none of it was close enough to play in, merely to look at an wish the snow level was lower, or I lived at a higher elevation. So now I am sitting here simultaneously wishing I was warmer and wishing I was building a snowman. Go figure. Went back out to try to get a picture. Am freezing again.
You can totally barely see it from my angle, and it looks kinda pinkish (thanks sunlight)but there Is snow there!!! It is all snow actually.



Christmas exploded in my tiny tiny house. Isn't it amazing that one time of the year we actually haul a live tree into the house and hang stuff on it? Not me, I'm allergic. Figures doesn't it? I have a teeny, tiny little apartment. So small in fact that I have half a tree up. Yep, half. Complete with Christmas Pickle and tree fireworks in lue of my angel, which my cat broke last year and I have yet to find one I like.


I was wearing them in my hair earlier, but no one needs to see that.

Even the fish weren't safe

Okay, totally falling asleep. Next post:
Why IS she wearing that hat? and other holiday eccentricites...


micros suck

This seems to have been a geocaching weekend. Cached friday into early saturday am, like 3am. Went to Pizza Night in Simi Valley and met a whole bunch of other cachers, some of whom I actually recognized by name. Then cached some more.....8 more, 3 first to finds, almost all of which were found with Robb_Dogg, the man is legend in his own time! And a very nice guy to boot!! Found 21 caches, dropped off 1 travel bug, picked up 3 trackables, replaced my stolen cache all in under 44 hours. I think I slept in there somewhere too.

I have decided, and I know I am not the first, that micros suck.

This is a micro:
Imagine trying to find THAT on a busy street with people watching!!! When the idea is stealth you look kind of dumb looking under park benches for something damn near invisible.

Okay, birthday present to finish, will post pictures later!


get out the poles boys....

I think my hormones are getting ready to stage an all out assault. I'm making things for christmas, none of which I'll post here ("people" are nosy!), and I am watching Little People Big World. It's not this show, but I keep seeing Jon and Kate Plus 8 commercials for their 2 week wedding special. They just look so damn happy! I watch the show, I know it isn't always a picnic. I'm married, I know it's not all smiles and flowers...but I'll be damned if I don't stop whatever I'm doing to watch the Jon and Kate commercials and get all choked up every time. EVERY time.
.....AND THEN..... of all the weird things to almost cry when watching...a Toys for Tots commercial. Kid walks up to a Marine and askes if he's Santa. When the Marine (on duty) doesn't respond, the kids says if he is Santa will he please take his list? The Marine doesn't even look down, barely even moves, but he uncurls his fist and hold out his hand to take the kids list. Okay, I'm getting choked up just thinking about it.
Damn hormones! Oh look I think I see another camp going up just to the west....:/


introductions are needed

A few weeks ago I posted a recipe for cooking fabric. I forgot to post the result. Meet Dead Fred. He hung outside on Halloween and scared the crap out of a lot of little kids! Fun!!!

making history

I know this isn't suppose to be about only the historical value, but come on here folks! Don't you realize that in a few short hours (oh, and 77 days) that we will have an historical american political first? Either our first black president or our first female vice president!?!?

I find myself watching the polls and election results although there aren't any yet. Am I the only one wholeheartedly disgusted with the proposition to ban gay marriage? Why is it okay in this day and age to discriminate against anyone for any reason? That's like saying, "Oh, by the way, since you're a woman, you no longer have any rights. We changed our minds. Sorry." Only they aren't even apologizing for this bit of extreme stupidity. What are they so afraid of? "Oh, if gay marriage is allowed, they are going to teach our children that it's okay." Folks, chances are that if you are so all fired paranoid about allowing gay marriage and you truly believe that it will somehow adversly effect you if two random people that you have never met are allowed the same rights and freedoms that enjoy on a daily basis then your kids are probably so freaking brainwashed anyway that law or no law, teaching or not teaching, it really won't make a difference. Yes, I realize that that was a very long sentence. But seriously, you may as well erect a cross on your neighbors lawn and set it on fire, because all you're doing is commiting a hate crime anyway. Not the same? EXACTLY the same.

Okay, I'll rant all night. Polls are closing, time to go obsessively watch the numbers.

Here, happy thought. puppies and bunnies. see they're cute!


crap crap crap!

Like I didn't already have enough to do! Let's just add one more freaking thing to the list of annoyances. Went to put my contacts in and when rinsing the right one I rinsed the damn thing right into my sink. My bathroom sink where my cat likes to sleep. As I plucked it out of the sink I had for one horrifying moment a vision of rubbing my open eyes on my CAT. After catching myself grimacing I tore the offending lens into pieces so my sense of thrift wouldn't tempt me to try to sanatize and salvage. Eewww.
But isn't he cute?


for whom the cat whines

Aparrently he whines for me. Or rather, he whines at me. I was sitting on the couch, sewing on the interminable halloween costumes, when my cat comes out and starts whining at me. He is normally very talkative (read: mouthy) and his talking isn't out of the ordinary. But I swear today it was like, "What is it Lassie? It Timmy stuck in the well?" Well, there was no Timmy, and my cat's name is Gus, but the well was apparently dry. The water was empty. We have an automatic water dispenser thingy, I think almost 2 liters, and my water whore of a cat gets VERY pissy when it nears empty. But who could resist this?


patron saints

Okay, seriously...is their a patron saint of appliances? I ask because I wished and wished for a new stove and voila! A brand new shiny stove. It's soo pretty, and shiny and NOT Harvest Gold.
This stove has a peculiarity though. When you light it, and there is no pan on the stove it sounds like a blow torch. It's actually sort of creepy. But I won't complain any more. Now I just need to work on a new window screen, that should be easier than a stove right?

I have 8 days left to make 2 Halloween costumes. I need to make a billowy white shirt for the husband (have I mentioned I'm sewing machine simple?), oh and I have no pattern. I also need to make my Goddess of the Harvest Costume. I have the head piece done, and that took me 2 hours to finish, but it's cool.

In addition to 2 costumes, I also have a huge creepy flying decortion to make. The hands are formed but still need to be painted, and then the whole thing needs to be assembled. Then disassembled, because it won't fit the car otherwise. Fun. But really, I need to finish this because I am tired of waking up to this......

Hopefully some completed pictures to come. Hopefully.



I got an email on Etsy the other day from someone in West Palm Beach, Florida. He wants me to make bracelets for him to sell on consignment. I asked for a copy of his business license and a copy of the consignment agreement. He's sending them so now I guess I just wait. I'm kind of excited. I think.

On the home front I may be getting a new stove! A brand new, shiny stove. The one I have is 30+ years old and one of the knobs sheared off in my hand about 2 weeks ago. So I have only 3 burners instead of 4. Which is really starting to irk me becasue I have to make applesauce soon, the granny smiths should be hitting the shelves en mass pretty soon and I can't boil applesauce AND run a canner on the back burners (wouldn't you know it, it was a front burner!). WAAAY too hard, not to mention ever so slightly more dangerous. Chances are I'll break a few jars when I put them in the water anyway (always do), and chances are I'll burn myself various and sundry times anyway. But hey, lets not temp fate anymore than is strictly necessary!
About the old stove: It is "Harvest Gold", takes FOREVER to light (think... "Whatever was that exploding noise that just came from the kitchen?"), and is is actually called the Hollywood. The stove guys were here the other day trying to fix it and now I keep smelling gas that I wasn't smelling before. I can find no discernable leaks, and both pilots are lit so WTF? I checked it like the Gas Company dude showed me and nothing. Am I smelling a gas leak in my imagination? I know my imagination is a bit overactive but I didn't think that could make OTHER people smell it too. The Husband smells it too. Ha! Vindicated!!
So, pray to the patron saint of appliances for me that I get a new stove!


Sampler: Vol2

So, I just completed my second sampler, in record time I might add for all the procrastinating I did! this months contribution will include 50 pairs of beaded earring in glass, wood, shell, and hematite. The gray ones took about 5 hours, a wire stuck in the side of my foot and glass in my hand for ten pairs.

sheesh! The things I put myself through. Now I just have to packlage all the little buggers.

Also, I heard that Fox is doing an AbFab remake. I thought...Suckoville next stop! But then I read that it has Jennifer Saunders blessing and her hand in its creation, AND that it is supposed to pick up Patsy and Edina in Los Angeles. Also, that Saunders and Lumley are reprising their roles. So my suck-o-meter rating dropped a little. Now the only thing that can screw it up is the american FCC, and we all know THAT would NEVER happen. .

Even the Husband was appalled when I told him about the American remake and he has only seen one or two episodes. So I don't know if he is outraged on my behalf, or just outraged on the behalf of legit comedy everywhere. either way, I rather enjoyed it. :)


guns and donuts

I saw the funniest damn thing tonight I am kicking myself for not taking the camera. The husband and I went grocery shopping tonight, as we do every friday night, and when we left the store, there...across the parking lot were 2 cop cars..and four cops..eating donuts! Actually standing outside the donut shop, leaning on their cars, eating freaking donuts!! I was so bummed I didn't have a camera. :(
It was a total bad sitcom moment, but still hilarious!

Cooking skills

I'm trying a new recipe.

3 quarts water
6 tea bags, black
5 yards cheesecloth

boil water
steep tea 5 minutes
add cheese cloth
bring water to boil for 5 minutes
hang cheesecloth to dry
voila! 5 yards tea dyed cloth...oh, did I forget to mention that this is for a halloween project? :)

sooo excited!!

I bought an awesome set of dishes tonight. Why so excited?? These dishes were found when looking for something totally different and after rejecting dozens, no, HUNDREDS of other patterns. $97.39 including Los Angeles utterly ridiculous sales tax for 12 place settings. Not to shabby, AND the Husband and I actually agreed on them at first sight. A-mazing!


freaking brilliant

Okay, so I was listing stuff on my etsy page, and I was eating a seriously hot pickle. The pickle was finished, my mouth is still burning with just the memory. Well, lets just say I must be freaking brilliant because I decided that would be that opportune time to rub my right eye. It took me about 5 seconds to realize that that weird sensation in my eye was about to become waaaaay worse. Thankfully I had a headache today. Thankfully? you may ask why I say this, it's because...my head hurt really bad all day (still does) and because of that I was not wearing my contacts today! So I at least didn't ruin a pair of my ridiculously expensive contacts ($35 a box :/ ) by rubbing my eye vigorously or flushing them out with water into my sink. Which by the way, is my cats favorite place to SLEEP in this satan's hellfire we call hot weather. So, yeah. duh.

On a positive note I did get some stuff listed, the negative side is that I like everything I make and want to keep it all. (see previous post) I'm not real sure which is my favorite. I think right now it is a tie between the apricot jade and the fire agate. **sigh**


Crochet Crone

My first sampler went out! I am so excited! 25 pairs of crocheted hair pins with glass beads. Whew!!! It didn't cost me much, but it was a lot of work!! I crocheted and crocheted....then had to sew everything together. My left hand actually cramped up so badly that I had to stop working for 2 days, sewed for one, and had to stop for 2 more. I swear I had old crone hands! Bent and gnarled like a 90 year old arthritic woman.

They're back to normal now and have been busy making catalogues. Which I now have to alter because my Smoke and Lace necklace just sold. C'est la vie! Time to order more silver....



I am so excited! I listed my first 2 sterling pieces on etsy today!! Smoke and Lace and Persephone.

Some of my favorites have been selling recently, these earrings went out yesterday. I am sad to see some stuff go, but thrilled that it is going at the same time!
Sometimes when I look at my supplies and ideas start running through my head, my inner 4 year old starts shouting that sharing isn't fun, and close the box immediately, and horde everything! She is rather petulant sometimes and demands her way. I usually just give her a cookie (oooh! maybe I'll just keep this one thing for me) and send her off to play.


The Casbah

The casbah is currently under construction. So if you're passing through...remember to put on a hard hat and goggles, watch out for falling beams, and if you hear the words "duck" or "run" they mean duck or run.
Check back soon, completion is imminent! :)