Crochet Crone

My first sampler went out! I am so excited! 25 pairs of crocheted hair pins with glass beads. Whew!!! It didn't cost me much, but it was a lot of work!! I crocheted and crocheted....then had to sew everything together. My left hand actually cramped up so badly that I had to stop working for 2 days, sewed for one, and had to stop for 2 more. I swear I had old crone hands! Bent and gnarled like a 90 year old arthritic woman.

They're back to normal now and have been busy making catalogues. Which I now have to alter because my Smoke and Lace necklace just sold. C'est la vie! Time to order more silver....



I am so excited! I listed my first 2 sterling pieces on etsy today!! Smoke and Lace and Persephone.

Some of my favorites have been selling recently, these earrings went out yesterday. I am sad to see some stuff go, but thrilled that it is going at the same time!
Sometimes when I look at my supplies and ideas start running through my head, my inner 4 year old starts shouting that sharing isn't fun, and close the box immediately, and horde everything! She is rather petulant sometimes and demands her way. I usually just give her a cookie (oooh! maybe I'll just keep this one thing for me) and send her off to play.


The Casbah

The casbah is currently under construction. So if you're passing through...remember to put on a hard hat and goggles, watch out for falling beams, and if you hear the words "duck" or "run" they mean duck or run.
Check back soon, completion is imminent! :)