I got an email on Etsy the other day from someone in West Palm Beach, Florida. He wants me to make bracelets for him to sell on consignment. I asked for a copy of his business license and a copy of the consignment agreement. He's sending them so now I guess I just wait. I'm kind of excited. I think.

On the home front I may be getting a new stove! A brand new, shiny stove. The one I have is 30+ years old and one of the knobs sheared off in my hand about 2 weeks ago. So I have only 3 burners instead of 4. Which is really starting to irk me becasue I have to make applesauce soon, the granny smiths should be hitting the shelves en mass pretty soon and I can't boil applesauce AND run a canner on the back burners (wouldn't you know it, it was a front burner!). WAAAY too hard, not to mention ever so slightly more dangerous. Chances are I'll break a few jars when I put them in the water anyway (always do), and chances are I'll burn myself various and sundry times anyway. But hey, lets not temp fate anymore than is strictly necessary!
About the old stove: It is "Harvest Gold", takes FOREVER to light (think... "Whatever was that exploding noise that just came from the kitchen?"), and is is actually called the Hollywood. The stove guys were here the other day trying to fix it and now I keep smelling gas that I wasn't smelling before. I can find no discernable leaks, and both pilots are lit so WTF? I checked it like the Gas Company dude showed me and nothing. Am I smelling a gas leak in my imagination? I know my imagination is a bit overactive but I didn't think that could make OTHER people smell it too. The Husband smells it too. Ha! Vindicated!!
So, pray to the patron saint of appliances for me that I get a new stove!

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HollyLynne said...

heh . . . that guy emailed me too. I'm considering it for sure! Never done consignment before.

You should've seen the stove in my old apartment. Crazy old antique thing. Would only work properly for me . . . had a gas leaking hissy fit every time Paul touched it. Wonder how the new tennant there is faring?

Thanks for entering my contest!