freaking brilliant

Okay, so I was listing stuff on my etsy page, and I was eating a seriously hot pickle. The pickle was finished, my mouth is still burning with just the memory. Well, lets just say I must be freaking brilliant because I decided that would be that opportune time to rub my right eye. It took me about 5 seconds to realize that that weird sensation in my eye was about to become waaaaay worse. Thankfully I had a headache today. Thankfully? you may ask why I say this, it's because...my head hurt really bad all day (still does) and because of that I was not wearing my contacts today! So I at least didn't ruin a pair of my ridiculously expensive contacts ($35 a box :/ ) by rubbing my eye vigorously or flushing them out with water into my sink. Which by the way, is my cats favorite place to SLEEP in this satan's hellfire we call hot weather. So, yeah. duh.

On a positive note I did get some stuff listed, the negative side is that I like everything I make and want to keep it all. (see previous post) I'm not real sure which is my favorite. I think right now it is a tie between the apricot jade and the fire agate. **sigh**

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