patron saints

Okay, seriously...is their a patron saint of appliances? I ask because I wished and wished for a new stove and voila! A brand new shiny stove. It's soo pretty, and shiny and NOT Harvest Gold.
This stove has a peculiarity though. When you light it, and there is no pan on the stove it sounds like a blow torch. It's actually sort of creepy. But I won't complain any more. Now I just need to work on a new window screen, that should be easier than a stove right?

I have 8 days left to make 2 Halloween costumes. I need to make a billowy white shirt for the husband (have I mentioned I'm sewing machine simple?), oh and I have no pattern. I also need to make my Goddess of the Harvest Costume. I have the head piece done, and that took me 2 hours to finish, but it's cool.

In addition to 2 costumes, I also have a huge creepy flying decortion to make. The hands are formed but still need to be painted, and then the whole thing needs to be assembled. Then disassembled, because it won't fit the car otherwise. Fun. But really, I need to finish this because I am tired of waking up to this......

Hopefully some completed pictures to come. Hopefully.

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