Sampler: Vol2

So, I just completed my second sampler, in record time I might add for all the procrastinating I did! this months contribution will include 50 pairs of beaded earring in glass, wood, shell, and hematite. The gray ones took about 5 hours, a wire stuck in the side of my foot and glass in my hand for ten pairs.

sheesh! The things I put myself through. Now I just have to packlage all the little buggers.

Also, I heard that Fox is doing an AbFab remake. I thought...Suckoville next stop! But then I read that it has Jennifer Saunders blessing and her hand in its creation, AND that it is supposed to pick up Patsy and Edina in Los Angeles. Also, that Saunders and Lumley are reprising their roles. So my suck-o-meter rating dropped a little. Now the only thing that can screw it up is the american FCC, and we all know THAT would NEVER happen. .

Even the Husband was appalled when I told him about the American remake and he has only seen one or two episodes. So I don't know if he is outraged on my behalf, or just outraged on the behalf of legit comedy everywhere. either way, I rather enjoyed it. :)

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