micros suck

This seems to have been a geocaching weekend. Cached friday into early saturday am, like 3am. Went to Pizza Night in Simi Valley and met a whole bunch of other cachers, some of whom I actually recognized by name. Then cached some more.....8 more, 3 first to finds, almost all of which were found with Robb_Dogg, the man is legend in his own time! And a very nice guy to boot!! Found 21 caches, dropped off 1 travel bug, picked up 3 trackables, replaced my stolen cache all in under 44 hours. I think I slept in there somewhere too.

I have decided, and I know I am not the first, that micros suck.

This is a micro:
Imagine trying to find THAT on a busy street with people watching!!! When the idea is stealth you look kind of dumb looking under park benches for something damn near invisible.

Okay, birthday present to finish, will post pictures later!

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robb said...

I agree, micro's do suck. The thing I hate about them is getting the log back in. I try and sign the ends of them if possible so i don't have to unravel the whole damn thing. UGH!

It was fun caching with you guys that evening, and seeing you on Saturday morning for coffee.

See you soon....OUT THERE!!