wow, two in one day?!?

Letting the man-child (my nephew) plan the geocaching route for this weekend. He's 16, doesn't own a GPS, but is very very excited. So I guess that is okay. I think I may have to dig out some warmer clothes though. Right now it is 38F AND the sun is up. I can only imagine what it will be like at 11pm saturday night, I'm thinking pretty darn cold. Wonder ifI should plan an alternate caching route just in case...hmm...probably. Night caching is always harder but no less entertaining. Additional tools are always required, such as a flashlight, handy dandy mirror for scoping out probable hidden spiders (there is screaming inside my hed right now) and good boots for the stomping of said spiders.
There was a black widow about the size of a half dollar about 1 foot from this one that I almost stuck my hand on, I was creeped out the whole rest of the night. In fact I'm kinda creeped out now.


Okay, I'm freezing. The Husband called me at 6.10am on his way to work to tell me it had snowed. I thought, duh, they've been telling us that for days. He says no, it snowed HERE, like in our mountains. So I put on some pseudo warm clothes (ie: a bathrobe and sandals)and shivered my way outside. Low and behold...SNOW!! Copious amounts of it. Unfortunately none of it was close enough to play in, merely to look at an wish the snow level was lower, or I lived at a higher elevation. So now I am sitting here simultaneously wishing I was warmer and wishing I was building a snowman. Go figure. Went back out to try to get a picture. Am freezing again.
You can totally barely see it from my angle, and it looks kinda pinkish (thanks sunlight)but there Is snow there!!! It is all snow actually.



Christmas exploded in my tiny tiny house. Isn't it amazing that one time of the year we actually haul a live tree into the house and hang stuff on it? Not me, I'm allergic. Figures doesn't it? I have a teeny, tiny little apartment. So small in fact that I have half a tree up. Yep, half. Complete with Christmas Pickle and tree fireworks in lue of my angel, which my cat broke last year and I have yet to find one I like.


I was wearing them in my hair earlier, but no one needs to see that.

Even the fish weren't safe

Okay, totally falling asleep. Next post:
Why IS she wearing that hat? and other holiday eccentricites...