Okay, I'm freezing. The Husband called me at 6.10am on his way to work to tell me it had snowed. I thought, duh, they've been telling us that for days. He says no, it snowed HERE, like in our mountains. So I put on some pseudo warm clothes (ie: a bathrobe and sandals)and shivered my way outside. Low and behold...SNOW!! Copious amounts of it. Unfortunately none of it was close enough to play in, merely to look at an wish the snow level was lower, or I lived at a higher elevation. So now I am sitting here simultaneously wishing I was warmer and wishing I was building a snowman. Go figure. Went back out to try to get a picture. Am freezing again.
You can totally barely see it from my angle, and it looks kinda pinkish (thanks sunlight)but there Is snow there!!! It is all snow actually.

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