wow, two in one day?!?

Letting the man-child (my nephew) plan the geocaching route for this weekend. He's 16, doesn't own a GPS, but is very very excited. So I guess that is okay. I think I may have to dig out some warmer clothes though. Right now it is 38F AND the sun is up. I can only imagine what it will be like at 11pm saturday night, I'm thinking pretty darn cold. Wonder ifI should plan an alternate caching route just in case...hmm...probably. Night caching is always harder but no less entertaining. Additional tools are always required, such as a flashlight, handy dandy mirror for scoping out probable hidden spiders (there is screaming inside my hed right now) and good boots for the stomping of said spiders.
There was a black widow about the size of a half dollar about 1 foot from this one that I almost stuck my hand on, I was creeped out the whole rest of the night. In fact I'm kinda creeped out now.

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