I have a seriously annoying cold. I'm stuffy, coughing, my throat hurts, and it doesn't even have the decency to give me a fever so I can sit on the couch and eat Popsicles all, when not sleeping of course.

Everything that needs to get done during the week seems to have come to a grinding halt while I inwardly whine and drink yet another glass of something so I can get out of my nice warm bed in the middle of the night to run across the icy floor to pee. Nope, not bitter at all.

On the upside I made my first sale of the new year last weekend. Unfortunately the postal workers in Grapevine Texas seem to be idiots and totally folded a priority mail envelope in HALF and proceeded to SHOVE it in a mailbox, thus destroying it's contents. Lovely. Sent out a (hopefully) unbendable replacement. Fingers crossed!! Here it is

Broke the beading supplies out of hibernation today and managed something cool, that oddly required no beads..hmm.
I think I am a masochist. We went geocaching tonight, in the cold and damp for an hour. I think I am trying to give myself pneumonia. We came home and got warm, had some tea, put my slippers on. Then Oh Crap!! A NEW ONE!! We were out AGAIN at 11pm. In the cold and damp. Did I mention it's only 50 degrees? Oh, and I have a cold? Yeah.
My bed looks really warm and comfortable right now, and Jon and Kate's Multiple Blessings is calling to me........

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