They're coming to take me away...

ha ha hee hee ho ho to the funny farm.......

Matters of interest to me this week:

1: Am no longer sick. finally

2: Mother-in-law has brain tumor

3: have writers block

4: short term memory seems to be failing.

5: Wii would like to play

Lets start at the top. 1: Was sick for 3 weeks with the the most obnoxious cold. (see previous post) cold seems to have followed Elvis and vacated the building. Thank god.

2: A few weeks ago my mother-in-law decided to take a header off the couch while the family was over. She went to the doctor and he told her it was side effects from the chemo from a year ago from after she had a tumor removed from her lung. ie: almost no lung left on one side.
after all the scans they could think of, "Oh, we're sorry, you have a 1.7cm tumor in your brain."
So now we wait for Gamma radiation treatments and pray. just lovely.

3: On a less serious note, seem to have writers block. Spend much time staring at screen with hands poised over keyboard. Doing, well, nothing. Am feeling less like project will ever get finished. Depressed now.

4: Short term memory has never been that great, but, how do I know it's bad? Had to got to grocery store 3 times this week because keep forgetting things. ie: dish soap, toilet paper, brain cells.

5: Finally bought a Wii, was our Christmas gift to ourselves, and was ridiculously expensive. But fun. Parts of body sore I didn't know I had. Thank you Nintendo for the wrist straps. It is probably a good thing can now tether self to wiimote. Although almost suffered catastrophic collision with nephews head last weekend when tried to high five each other and wiimote swung wildly free. Hmm. May require further thought.

Phone ringing, ohh, more family drama. fun.

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