the great fruit debate

Hello folks, we're going to play a little game. I'm going to show you a picture and you are going to tell me what you see. Then I'll tell you what I see.
This is a....

Lemon did you say? Orange? Here's the issue:

1: Shaped like a lemon

2: It's orange-ish

3: It's smooth skinned. I know meyer lemons are smooth skinned, but this is NOT a meyer lemon. I love those things. I know the difference.

4: When skin is scratched it produces little to no scent.

5: It's huge.

Try to ignore the Henkles knife, the pink lady apple, the bay leaves and the mixer. I apparently had a lot going on that day. Oh, and the hideously ugly yellow counter, I live in an apartment and have no control over that.

Anyhow, I cut into the lemorange and its inside was just as confusing as its outside.

Not quite lemon, not quite orange. It tasted like a lemon though. Almost. The husband says lemon. I say some kind of strange, alien created hybrid meant to confuse me. Any ideas what this could actually be? When has a fruit ever created such a shemozzle?

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