Rose Newburgh and the Daunting Task

Firstly, my name is NOT Rose Newburgh. But.... took a silly myspace quiz last week and now (if I wasn't married) would seriously be considering changing name to Rose Newburgh. Take middle name add to town where you were born and you got something like your detective name or something else ridiculous. Totally have forgotten premise, but not result. Hmm. Wonder what likelihood of getting husband to legally change name WITH me would be. Probably slim to none. drat!
Second...the Daunting Task (and the reason behind the name)
Went to Joann's where I am not normally allowed loose with money. (insert maniacal laughter here) Bought awesome fabric for curtains, as I am getting tired of the fabric that has been up there for..uh...I don't know, a while. In excess of several years. The window is 102" x 52". I know, right? Aforementioned awesome fabric was 70% off. Seventy freaking percent! I bought black corduroy and silver-gray taffeta with black roses flocked on it. So gorgeous I am reluctant to cut into it. I saw it on the clearance rack and all but petted it. Oh, wait, I did pet it. Hand on fabric is for size reference. Currently investigating strange smudge on nail of ring finger...hm, only appears in picture. odd.
I bought enough fabric for curtains and decorative bed pillows. Would like to now find a silver-gray corduroy for a duvet cover. Damn you Ikea! Why don't you ever have what I'm looking for?!?!?

Um, part 2...b? Strange name of post can be contributed to fact that I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Long names of normal things can sometimes be amusing. In case you were wondering..this was one of those times.

Okay, I'm gonna stare at my fabric some more and seriously think about making some cuts. No really. Seriously. I mean it. uh huh. Also, pondering need of shock collar for next foray into fabric store.

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