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Okay google, you're pissing me off. Understand??? ANGRY! I accidentally erased the adwords emial verifiction you sent me and after trying everything I can think to do I am trying to contact adwords support. Have YOU ever tried to contact YOU?!?! (I know that sounded insane, shut up)You can't even get to a contact page without being rerouted to a help page, which BTW ..... NOT BLOODY HELPFUL!!
I am usually a proponent of google, I far prefer their search engine and uncluttered home page, but DAMN! What are you people freaking hermits?!?


Anyhoo, congrats to Swistle and her new Niestle, she looks so full of life! My niece was also born on March 1st and just turned 14! Gahh!!!

Also congrats to Holly from IndieHomeEc who is leaving for her wedding in Wales shortly! I'm so happy for you!

Also....wow, lots of add ons today! I will shortly be celebrating my 6 year wedding anniversary. I will be preparing an Irish feast for us, as our anniversary is on St. Patricks Day.

I just copied this:

6th wedding anniversary gifts traditionally have a theme of Iron and Sugar. (sugar??)
Contemporary or modern anniversary gifts have a theme of Wood. (I bought wood last year, oops)
The flowers associated with the 6th Wedding anniversary are Calla lilies. (hate them)
The Gemstone list shows Amethyst and Garnet associated with this Wedding Anniversary. (the only part that sounds good, well, for me)

So, I guess my Irish feast should include some sugar and be cooked in something iron? hm. I don't own anything iron. hm. Suggestions? Wish I had the talent to make a small version of my wedding cake (it was white with clovers and green filling!) this requires more thought.

This post has no pictures, I just realized. What else is new since my last post..??? Oh, my husbands neurotic cat totally fish-hooked me and tried to tear my arm open. The bruise was real pretty. I even have pictures!

Pretty huh? It is amazing how calm you are when there is 10 pound cat literally hanging from your arm.

We're pretty much healed now and the cat is still alive. I know, right?

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