Thanks Swistle, read some of your posts and decided to haunt my Target for bargains! This is what I bought, plus easily this much again as I sent a care package to my sick mother.
I bought 3 sets of pens, blues with butterflies, green grass, green turtles, cream and blue whales, and red and black what I can only describe as brocade. I also bought pink plaid note paper, whale note cards, a blue blank book with a sparkly peacock on it and a bright orange folder with a sparkly skull onit. I'm not sure which is my favorite yet. I'm really digging the whales for some reason. I think after the whales my favorites are the orange folder and the black and white pen.
All ths stuff was only $7 before tax and I spent another $6 on the care package stuff. Not a bad haul.

Damn you Swistle and your Target-ness!!

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Swistle said...

I KNOW, RIGHT??? Target shopping is the awesomest EVER. You are forever doomed now! Dooooooomed!