fascinated but slightly spooked

Ever felt like you weren't strictly alone? Like there were other things in the room with you that you couldn't see? Well, there are. Quite often. But that is a WHOLE OTHER post that could take a very long time that I don't feel like getting into right now. B U T ...... I was cleaning out a friends apartment last month (another VERY long story) and I took some picture when I was done for evidence sake. Here are a few.

Upon closer examination you can almost see the outline of a man just off center to the left in the picture with the black shelf and my husband trying unsuccessfully to hide.

But.. notice all the orbs? I've heard of orbs being angels, thanks Sylvia Brown, but I somehow don't think so. (again a very long post). Whatever you may believe, you HAVE to admit that those are some pretty interesting shots! Not all shots of the same area were the same either, so I am fairly confindent that it wasn't the camera.

Almost empty, 5 second later.


Colleen said...

I think I might be slightly more scared of all the wood paneling and that carpet than I would be of orb-like angels. My word... that's a lot of paneling!

theflyingmum said...

Um, the paneling and carpeting are exactly like what was in my house when I first met hubs. Back then it was HIS house, now it is OUR hose, and the paneling is mostly all painted and the carpet is mostly all gone. I often felt un-alone here as well, maybe spirits are attracted to dark paneling and carpeting.