new fascist regime

I wrote the other day about Communists, today...Fascists.

About a year and a half ago our property owner retired and sold his building (read:lots) to a new company. Since then they have been making "improvements". Some good, some bad, some horrid. We got a new front lawn and some nice landscaping : GOOD They completely concreted in our central courtyard AND W A Y cut back the two trees out there : BAD Why bad? In the summer now, just as I so wisely predicted, the concrete (with the chopped trees) actually makes it HOTTER in my apartment. Used to be outside 102F inside 85F, not great but we'll take 20 degrees. Last summer? 105F outside and 97 inside. WTF??? Oh, and the trees were gorgeous. They looked like this:

Back to the fascists.

My building is old as apartments go. I think it was built in 1968 or something. I think I still have to original tile floor. REAL linoleum. Like wash me too much and I crack. Because linoleum doesn't like water. I think my fiberglass tub might be original too, but I'm not sure. It keeps cracking, bad. I've had it filled in the past 4 times (read 2 days without the shower, each) but I have several cracks in it right now that you could probably see China through. Apparently so do a few other people here. Someone is getting the very first brand new tub (I'm on the list). Cast iron and brand new NON linoleum tile. I am of 2 minds here. Super excited and incredibly pissed. Not pissed because someone gets it before me but because the "Tile Man" is back. He uses a tile saw. Slowly. Loudly. Badly. This is day two, have you ever heard a tile saw? Imagine Banshee's screaming. Only louder. I should probably explain something before I go on. I am 29 but I have the nerves of a 60 year old Kosovo refugee. My hands are actually shaking right now because I can't take the noise. So I closed the window and turned on the air because it gets hot in here fast. It takes the edge off the noise so I'm not jumping anymore, but aaaHHAHAHAAAAAAHHHH!!! And he is suppose to be here for a week. So, new shiny tubs: GOOD. Screaming Banshee's from Hell : BAD

The Banshee Machine, note new heat reflecting concrete, and proximity of Banshee Machine to my front door, from whence the picture was taken.

I also found out today that they will be replacing the roof as it apparently developed some leaks this past rainy "season" (read: I think it drizzled). I am glad once again to not live upstairs, but it is just going to be more noise. Can you tell I don't like noise? (As the tile saw goes off again and I take one more step toward going on a shooting rampage) New, non-leaky roof : GOOD. Smell of hot tar to fix roof : Tolerable. Noise of roof actually being fixed : BAD BAD BAD

All hail the Good of the People! Which coincidentally makes "the man" more money in future rentals.

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