I am covered in spray adhesive. To compound the problem I am not in a very well ventilated area, which is probably clouding my judgement, thus skewing my aim, thus covering more of me in spray adhesive. I actually had to call the adhesive company to figure out how to get this stuff off. Apparently slathering your hands in oil of some kind is suppose to get it off, as is rubbing alcohal. I had this image of me covered in vegetable oil, scrubbing away and then not being able to turn the water on. So I went with the rubbing alcohal. Happy to say I am 98% spray adhesive free now. Well, maybe more like 92%.
Every year I make my mom something for mother's day, it's kinda of a tradition, I am almost done with her gift now (hence the spray adhesive), and am feeling very much accomplished since I have never made this particular thing before. But with the ticking down to mother's day I have presented myself with an ill-timed challenge.
A geocaching event. Hosted by me.
For the big day, which is saturday, we have hidden 10 new caches, all in one day, to go active after the event. Lots of containers, lots of custom cut logs. And holy crap but are they getting picky! They are making it damn near impossible to hide caches. "It appears this cache is placed in a residential area.....blah blah...think how you would feel to see stangers poking around...blah..." I get the point, but they are making a lot of assumptions. considering the cache in question was 2 feet from the curb, 15 feet from any private property, not facing any home fronts and on a moderately busy street... I tried not to get to snippy when sending my note the reviewer, I know he is just doing his job, but geez!!
Okay, rant over.
I think I am going to go take a nap now. Sleeping sounds like a good idea.

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