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Thank you, Mother Nature, for your undivided attention, but ENOUGH. WITH. THE. SHAKING. ALREADY.

We had ourselves a not so little earthquake here in the Greater Los Angeles area on Sunday evening. One is more than enough, the earth literally shifting under you and things flying from shelves is not really a whole lot of fun. For those of you who have never been through a large to moderate quake imagine the feeling if you will of almost being in a car accident. You feel shaky, your heart is pounding and you breath heavily, now imagine that just lovely feeling along with your possessions flying from shelves, furniture over turning and your fridge walking itself away from the wall a few feet.
And the noise. It is amazing how loud an earthquake is. That being said, we had yet another one today. Almost exactly in the same spot as the first. Just bloody wonderful. Will be doing an earthquake check of all possessions tonight to make sure everything is stuck down, tacked up, and child locked closed. fun.


My first commission! 90 name tag pins with bead representations of the Space Needle for a wedding rehearsal dinner. I placed an order with Fire Mountain Gems today for $114 worth of supplies. Hopefully they'll be here by Friday (please god) and I need to get them made, the name tags included, packaged and ready for delivery by June 7th. That's 19 days from today kiddies. Wish me luck!

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