common courtesy

If you have an appointment don't you try to keep it? Maybe you visit a personal trainer or get your nails done and you have to have an appointment?? Why is it as consumers we are expected to keep appointments or lose them, whereas if you are providing the service then it doesn't seem matter how late you are and your customer is just suppose to wait?
I had an appointment today with someone to repair my tub, again, seeing as how they did such a crappy, uh, I mean splendid job the first time. Less than 2 WEEKS ago. It is already cracked, now isn't that just lovely? Now, this company told my building manager that they would be here around noon. I am starting to wonder noon in which TIME ZONE?!? If you go much farther west I think it becomes tomorrow. Does that mean they're coming tomorrow?? It is, right now, 3:22pm. Now boys and girls, what do our basic math skills tell us? That's right! That they're almost 3 and a half hours late. And this isn't the first time. They were late for the original consultation and they were late for the repair. They were also suppose to repair my sagging ceiling, guess what? They never showed!
Great, now I'm crabby. When I'm crabby I want to bake,but it is too hot to bake. Doesn't that figure? I want mint chocolate brownies.


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