drenched in ...soup?

So, I'm house(omes)-sitting. And dog sitting. And cat(s) sitting. The house is large, there is a lovely little pool. But it is pitch black at night and no one will hear you scream, and the sun hasn't come out for 3 days now. Suck-o. The dog is cute and affectionate, I do love the little white menace, but she barks at everything, usually in the pitch blackness of the night. Then there are the cats. Tim and Mic. Have you ever taken care of old cats? They are geriatric wheezers. 18-year-old-partially hairless-pig snuffly-hobbly-wheezers. They are so pathetic they are actually kinda cute.

On this house-sitting "adventure", that will last another 8 DAYS, I am alone and must feed only myself. So I bought the much wanted, but never normally purchased, fish. When the husband won't eat it it just seems silly to buy it only for myself and make 2 dinners. So this week, I get seafood. I have shrimp, thresher shark, Scottish salmon and mahi mahi. The Scottish salmon was outrageously price and I am little afraid to cook it and possibly screw it up, also, I am afraid I am going to LOVE it. Then want it more. I was looking for a good recipe for the Mahi, which will be made tonight, since I don't think I have cooked Mahi in about 10 years and had a flash of disgust.
I found a recipe called Grilled Mahi mahi W/Wild Rice and Creamy Red Wine Sauce, I thought great! Mahi is good with red wine since it has almost a beefy flavor to it, and hey! I like cream sauce! BUT Oh-Em-Gee, Why on EARTH would you spend $15 a pound on Mahi then smother it in CANNED SOUP?!? Regardless of the the good reviews I just don't think I can stomach that. Literally and figuratively. I think this will be made instead with some mushrooms and asparagus.
Time to take the dog out again.

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