my inner child says GIMME!!

Trying to figure out how to convince the landlord that one of these is an absolute necessity in my apartment. Did I mention that it is almost as long as I am tall? Full on drooling.

60" vivking stand alone range, just shy of $11,000. In irridescent blue, think there's an extra charge for that?!



The blog has undergone a slight tweaking in recent days, I've dropped dark blue for gray among other things. Like?

Also, have massive, please shoot me and put me out of my misery-type headache, think it stems from both the insane-hot-dry weather and a knot in my neck.

Also also...am going to see Harry Potter midnight showing tomorrow. In 24 hours I will be sitting in the theater wait for movie...soooo excited! We alreay have our tickets and everything.

Also also...also..? Am using non-existant telekenesis to convince my mom that THIS set is needed for the new room in her house (ie: my room). If you look, don't you dare buy it! Hmmm, rethinking link....
After midnight, should probably sleep soon. ha ha.


3-0- not so uh oh

The dreaded day has come and gone. I am happy to say that is was not as traumatic as anticipated, and I didn't cry, not even once.
The husband took the day off and we went to Santa Monica Pier. Where we (I) got sunburned (again) and now have a nice little "white" spot, READ: tan lines, right in the middle of my chest that looks like a butterfly. Nice. Also, got honked at by the Sheriff Department boat, just as was trying to figure out how to a picture on the boat, with the cops, with me in handcuffs, you know without actually jumping off the pier and getting arrested...then sped up and drove away. Sad. We DID get to take an extra long ride on the Ferris Wheel, which was awesome. It was so nice and cooly-breezy at the top!
Unfortunately is was also BRIGHT.
I really do appreciate the position of the bell tower shooters when I looked upon the masses of humanity teeming below.
Then I was thankful that I don't live around the corner from the Ferris wheel . There have been days when I load my imaginary .223 and try to think of where the nearest bell tower is. As the Bloggess said, "People amaze me. Not in a good way." If you haven't read her yet, GO GO NOW! I won't be offended, promise. Well maybe a little. :)
But I digress... the birthday was fun. Went to dinner at the best chinese resturaunt in the area. Hole in the Wall goodness here people.
C'est le vie! 364 more days until 29+2. sigh
(wouldn't my hs french teacher be proud? non.)


3 0-uh oh

It's coming.

The day I have been dreading for 18 months.

My 30th birthday.

I have a new little friend who lives on my desk for the moment. He was a gift for the big uh oh, a few days early. He came all the way from Scotland, just for me. his name is Drambuie. The desk is in process of re-arrangement, so it is a large mess. Drambuie is coaching me though it.

Also, my lovely Aunt Gave me a big bag full of cosmetical type things. Some of which have made it to my purse. 12 of which have not. the grand total of lip gloss containers in my purse now equals 10. Peruse them below.

Also on the birthday front, my father in law is celebrating his tomorrow, oh 12:04 am, I guess that would be today. We decided to wrap he gift in a way that truly should be more entertaining for the spectators. Here it is.
We made it its very own box, out of 1"x4" pine. The pieces are glued together, then nailed shut, and sanded down so there are no protruding ledges. I am bringing the camera and a youtube video may follow.

My Mom bought me this. (The bracelet)
Like she needed to prove her awesomeness (or not, my mom is AWESOME). I love love it, and it is just what I didn't know I wanted.
I guess so far it has been a pretty good birthday, even though it hasn't happened yet. And I still get husband made birthday brownies. :)