the broccoli must die

Ok, OW. I was cutting broccoli the other night for dinner to go into my sweet hot chinese chicke, Which by the way, SOOO good. But there I was, slicing broccoli stems, doing nothing more than helping the damn broccoli fulfill its damn vegetable destiny and grabbed the knife and sliced my left thumb. Thank god for keratin, if my nail hadn't stopped the blade the broccoli would have been, not in the pan but on the way to the local jail for assault with a deadly weapon. Um, no wait. I think that was what happened in my head after the broccoli stem flipped onto its side and the knife sliced my thumb. It was more of blunt cut and it hurt like HELL. Thankfully my husband is a fully trained if out cert EMT and he thinks my whining/whimpering in pain is amusing. Wait, the laughing while I bleed kinda makes him a jerk right? Damn.

Anyway, here's my finger, a few days later.
I am so freaking talented.

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