The Craptacular and the Splendiferous


My husband got into a car accident 9.22 and it is now 15 days later and we still don't have our car back. Buckled hood, scraped up fender and busted brake line. The thing GUSHED brake fluid when you stepped on the pedal. Luckily, I guess, it happened right outside our house so the car was easy to get home. The insurance company is dragging their feet and we are totally running out money to pay for a rental car. "You pay for it and we'll reimburse you" Argh!! I want to line every one of the F*ck#rs up and shoot them. I try to not to imagine the &sshole who ran the freaking stop sign sitting at home with his family and NOT shelling out $300 a week for a rental car. Yeah, some major stress happening here.

Did I forget to mention that the license plate got ripped off? Or that the car we hit was red?nice.


Halloween is almost here!! You know what this means boys and ghouls? Cute Halloween decor, an excuse to eat copious amounts of candy, and my most favoritist part PUMPKINS!!! To try to pull me out of my insurance/car related my almost too good to be true husband took me for a little surprise outing on Saturday morning. PUMPKINS! I'm like a freaking kid alone in a candy store. I wanted no less than 20 pumpkins within the first 5 minutes. This is a true horror for my husband (who really must love me)as I have a proven track record for pumpkin OVER adoption. The year before we got married I had, not kidding, 27 pumpkins. Full sized pumpkins. That totally doesn't even count the little ones. Have I mentioned I have a TINY apartment? Or that we were driving a 67 Mustang at the time?!? Yeah, like 24 of those pumpkins came home in one trip. They were $1 a piece! So, I have a proven pumpkin...problem. This weekend I only bought 2. well..3 but one was tiny!

This is Stan and Ollie. Oh, ya hai, I name them too.
And my husband's Halloween cat, Sam. Ollie go to come with us because as you can see in the next photo, Ollie has a weird, kind of Aztec-ie design in a faint dark green.

I can almost guarantee that I'll have 8 more pumpkins before Halloween. Something to look forward to at least.

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