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Ok, so I was born in '79 and probably not giving profound advice till I was at least 2. Anyhoo.... I was giving profound advice with a little humor and thought I'd share. I say humor, 'cause you know I was just kidding about that rifle thing. Hear that NSA?!? I was KIDDING.
This was part of an email to my sister. The reason for which I am not ready to discuss.
Profound advice following:

I've always tried not to judge people based on what I don't know for sure, how they look, where they come from or who they love. Everyone has their own reasons, lives and secrets. I'm happy in my marriage, as is Bart, all anyone has to do is ask him. I don't base it on what others think they know or think we should be. I try to be happy in my life and decide how I want to be, regardless of the influence of others. I said I don't judge other people because you can never really know someone outside of yourself. You can't know the full story of their past or what motivates them or what's truly in their heads. Ever. Words hurt more than blows. I try to never say something to or about someone that I think would hurt me if I found out it had been said about me. I don't always succeed, but I try. I always try to rememeber that saying hurtful things or voicing cruel assumptions to make myself feel better just makes me less of a person and more of a monster. I have a nasty and vindictive temper and I know it. I seethe instead of yell. I plot instead of talk. I try to stay in control of myself so I don't hurt others. I sometimes feel like I'm walking the line between "sane" and "toting a rifle up to the nearest bell tower". I'll probably give myself an ulcer someday. :/
Anyway, I guess I'm done being profound for now. I guess I just didn't want you to think I wasn't concerned. I'm just careful. If you never take any other advice from me in your life, then please reread this email and try to be happy with who you are and not what others think you should be.

I figure the nsa has stopped reading by now, because you know, I said I was kidding. Sshhhh, not really kidding.

**EDIT** Apparenly I am now a stuck up little bitch. Not that this was said TO me, merely ABOUT me and gleefully forwarded by a "friend" (not of mine, thank god) Nice to have friend who is so willing to possibly cause trouble for you, no?

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