Did you know resting while sick AND staying hydrated is impossible?

I think that was the longest post title I've ever written. I'd go check but I'm feeling way too lazy.
I somehow managed to get sick again. I think it was the thundering hoards in IKEA that did it. We were walking through the San Diego store and all I could think was OMG swine flu swine flu swine flu. Because CDC, sorry, but H1N1 just isn't going to catch on. Ever. Anyway, I don't have swine flu, I don't think. I'm not oinking anyhow. Weirdly no fever, my temperature actually went DOWN for 2 days. Down like, 95.9F down. That's never happened before when I've been sick. I am feeling better but by throat is sore and I sound like frog-girl. I started taking cold meds as soon as I thought I was getting sick. I was hoping to hit it hard early and keep it from getting bad. I do this bad thing where I get a head cold and my sinuses get sooo bad that I can't taste anything for days and one or both of my ears ends up blocked so I can't hear very well. Also, my colds have an annoying habit of going into my lungs. NOT FUN.

I found a problem with the staying hydrated-getting lots of rest thing. Not only do you constantly have to be getting yourself a drink but you know what that leads to?? Having to get up every freaking hour to pee. How is that restful? Seems counterproductive to me.

In the meantime, it's almost 3:30am, the stuff in cold meds that makes it, well, work, also makes me a little nuts. And it keeps me awake. Also counterproductive. By nuts I mean, think hyper five year old with too much sugar. Yeah. That's how I know my husband loves me. 7 years of colds and he's still here. Also, it makes me a little... bitey. My husband calls it the Sudafed Monster.

Shut up.

I'm going to go have a popsicle now. Hydration you know.


coveting for christmas

I have had my eye on several things recently that I would love to buy for myself, but with christmas coming, and 19 people on my shopping list not including my husband....well you get the picture.

Twilight Lip Venom want want want

Ananya Perfume Oil from the Body Shop

the 19th Wife by David Ebershoff

the Bruffle by Steve Madden, but in black

Wanker Copper Necklace by undeadmushroom12 on ETSY

Back to real life now I suppose.



The aforementioned cheesecake was So! Good! We managed to get it (and the evil pumpkin pie)to San Diego in one piece and cold thanks to a bit of spectacular pie plate architecture, a cold pack and some husband like ingenuity. It ended up cracked down the middle when it came out of the oven even though I put a pan of water in with it. Of well! It was so good as to be almost criminal. I had 4, count them F O U R, pieces. In 3 days. It only got better as it aged, as the recipe promised. I can't believe we managed to NOT eat it before hand. The force must have been strongly in our favor. (I think my geek is showing a little).
I think the cheesecake may have been the saving grace of what could have been an otherwise, um, bloody - crying dinner. My Aunt managed to offend my husband by insinuating that it is not okay to be gay. (Not that he is but we have several friends and extended family that are and we love them very much). When he called her on her on it she claimed she never said such a thing and that she thinks it was very inappropriate to bring up during dinner. Then she picked up her ill-behaved mexican rat dog AT THE DINNER TABLE and put it in her lap and fed it. wah?!?
I think we all could have done without my Aunt this holiday. She got up in the morning and cooked a turkey, then brought some with her. Did I forget to mention that my mom made a 16 pound turkey? I did? The Aunt knew. She also brought a whole freaking dinner with her. We all have to go out of our way to accommodate my vegetarian uncle-who won't eat eggs but eats dairy? Then she had to reheat the whole dinner before we could eat.
You know how when your trying to make a big meal and you have a bunch of stuff going on at once? Help is sometimes good but only from people who know how to dance? That's what we call it. Dancing. When you have to glide and twirl and anticipate the others in the kitchen so everything moves smoothly? My mom and I learned how to dance when I was little, my husband is improving. My aunt planted herself stage left and ignored the music. I thought my mom was going to physically attack her with kitchen utensils.

By kitchen utensils I mean knives.

By knives I mean, well, knives.


Thus ends another thanksgiving. thank god.


Thanksfullness v.2

More stuff from my thankful list.

Running with my husband for the first to find, and actually getting it.

Furry monkey puppets with a sense of humor.

Dirty Greek Martinis. mmmmm

Experimental dinners that actually work

Cold sunshine with a good stiff wind

Strings of pearls at discount prices

When Farmville actually works

thankfullness v.1

I decided to think of some things I am thankful for. Man did that list start to get weird.

My husband, who, even after almost 7 years of marriage is still my best friend, and who loves me unconditionally.

My mom, who has always supported me. Even when the things I did didn't make any sense to her.

My cat, for always being warm and fuzzy with a ready purr whenever I need it, and even when I don't.

Cold days that require sweaters, and gloves, and boots. :)

Perfect muffins, fresh from the oven.

Long drives in th dark, either looking for wildlife or ufo's, I'm not picky. :)

The perfect blood red lip gloss, with just a little bit of sparkle


ftf tnlnsl tftc!

For those of you who aren't geogeeks, that reads First to Find Took Nothing Left Nothing Signed Log Thanks for the Cache. Yeah, see why all those little letters are so much easier.
The first to finds have been few on the ground recently. What's a first to find? I'll spare you the details, let's just say that someone hid something in a public area, posted it online at geocaching.com and we ran out to find it first. Two firsts in two days. I forgot how fun it was to run for a first to find. Seems silly, "Hey! Lets jump in the car and drive quasi-recklessly to find an unknown container, just so we can sign the log first! Oh!! And no one can see us do it!" It's really more fun than it sounds.
But you fellow geogeeks know exactly what I mean, don't you? :)


I hate packing. The sorting and the folding and the planning and the actual stuffing of previously unwrinkled clothes into a suitcase. Then the all the other stuff that has to be toted from various places and crammed in with the clothes. I make lists, what to pack broken down by person travelling, lists of things that need to get done before we leave. a list of directions for the person pet-sitting. Which is basically "Hey, make sure my cats are alive when I get back".
But who couldn't love this face?

Back to the packing I guess, I can't blog pointlessly forever. Or can I??? Hmmm....

What's that? hear it? Yup, that is the sound of my procrastination.

Crafting with fire

That's right, fire. I made these really nifty hairpins using polyester scrap fabric, pearls and fire. Tutorial availabe via this Refabulous site.

I didn't really have any appropriate scrap fabric for these, but I found an old red holiday napkin that did the trick. I wouldn't normally be allowed to craft anything with fire, but, the husband was asleep (mwahahahahaha). If you are going to try this really do follow the tutorial and make sure you have a jar or bowl of water handy. I skipped that step, and started a small fire. The lack of water doesn't actually cause the fire but it would have been damn handy to have around. Cuz you know, after the melting point of polyester comes the burning point. Burning polyester goo. Yeah. Seriously though, awesome easy project, beautiful results.

another (almost) wordless wednesday

I'll get the wordless thing down eventually. meow.


It's been years since I made a cheesecake. I can't find my old recipe. So I'm making a Cheesecake Factory knockoff cheesecake. Or so the recipe claims. It has to ripen for 2 days before eating it. I think this is some kind of dessert torture. I gathered ingredients: and made a Nilla Wafer/almond crust: The recipe said to cook at 350 for 1 hour and 15 minutes then let it sit for another hour with the oven off. It has 23 minutes to go and I hope to god it's done and I am not going to give my relatives food poisoning. The comments and reviews also said to put a pan of water in the oven while baking to keep it from cracking or turning brow. Seems to have worked.
Please be cooked.

Update on cake after thanksgiving. If it didn't kill us.


wordless wednesday, part II

wordless wednesday

I love wordless wednesday. A thousand words right? I just need to get the wordless part down.

Japanese Awesomeness

A few months ago my mom bought these for me at the swap meet for 99 cents. They were little teensy tiny wee plastic like balls. You put them in water and they grow. Note the super cute japanese packaging.
Anyway, they were suppose to take 4 hours to grow in 2 cups of water. After what I would guess was about 3 hours they looked like this. Flashlight for effect, they didn't glow but that would have rocked. So after playing with them for a while we added more water. Today they look like this.
The smallest ones look like peas and the largest are the size of globe grapes! they feel like fish eggs. I think. I've never actually touched fish eggs. They almost feel slimy but they're not. They are So! Much! Fun! I have trouble describing how awesome they are. What makes them even cooler is the directions on the back. You can totally tell they were translated, badly.
What? you can't read them? Allow me to assist.
product use information
1. add water 400g on the product. about 4 hours it will grow up
2. one clear beauty satiety face will grow up
3. when the flower want to oxygen and nutrition, I will help you too much


cards of christmas

Do you send out Christmas cards? I've been sending them out every year for about 5 years I think. My husband hates filling out cards of any kind so I get to do it all on my own. Whatever I guess, he puts the return labels on them and mails them out. I'm trying to figure out if I want to send out cards this year, and if I do, do I send them out to everyone I normally do or just those people that I normally get them back from? I think I usually send out about 30, I bought a pack of 16 the other day. Does that mean that I already made the decision? I hate feeling obligated to do things at Christmas. There were 19 people on my christmas list. 19! I'm almost done but it's like 'Tis the season to go broke, not be jolly.
But I digress. What to do? I would normally start the cards after thanksgiving and send them out by december 1st. What to do? I feel like I want to ignore them.


Chicken Meatballs

I made chicken meatballs for dinner tonight a la Smitten Kitchen.
They were amazing. Deb is a genius. She was totally on the mark to say that these taste almost cheesy, but they have no cheese in them. A little futsy, but worth it. Light and fluffy, not dense like beef meatballs. I have a feeling that leftovers would be good in sandwiches.

I also made grated mashed potatoes. So easy, microwave washed and pricked potatoes. (about 6) Allow to cool about an hour. Peel. Using the big holes on a grater, well, grate the potatoes. Because they aren't boiled they aren't grainy and don't have the excess water in them. Once they are all grated take a hand mashed to them for about a minute. Meanwhile, microwave about 4 tbsp butter and 1 cup milk until the butter is melted. Mash the mix into the potatoes, salt and pepper as desired. Once you're mixed pop the whole thing back in the microwave for 3 minutes and then stir. Cook 2 more minutes if needed. They have a different texture to them, almost silky. One of these days I'm going to have to remember to take pictures.


Jon and Kate

I hate Jon Gosselin. There. I've said it. My reasons aren't totally selfish. Have you watched this show recently? Have you managed to catch his hypocrisy in action? "I don't think it's good idea that the kids do the show anymore, it's not healthy for them to be so public" (not a direct quote, I'm paraphrasing) THEN he takes them to a ball game and has them not only introduced to the whole stadium, one at a time, but he also tells them that people want to meet them because they're famous and here kids come shake hands with strangers. WHAT? If I was Kate I'd be pissed.
Anyway, I guess that's neither here nor there. We get it Jon, you got married early, had 8 kids before you were 28. I don't remember the person holding the gun to your head in your wedding photo's, did you airbrush him out? Where did your life go? Where did your youth go? You got divorced and felt free? Wonderful moment to capture for kids to see Jon. That you got to leave their mom and them behind while you gallivant around the world with a woman who was little more than a child herself and you were so bloody happy. Congratulations, you win the douche canoe award.
I feel like he doesn't appreciate his kids. They are beautiful, intelligent, loving and sprightly little miracles of nature. I wish that I lived closer to them and give Kate someone to count on, who wouldn't turn on her. I wish I could get to know those wonderful children better and watch them grow. I sit here crying as the last minutes of the last show tic by and I hate Jon more and more for taking a weekly dose of light and joy away from me, from all of us who have come to love these kids, and appreciate the miracle that is their lives simply by watching.
Okay, the show is over and I can barely see I am crying so much.
For Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aeden, Collin, Leah and Joel. Thank you for being so pure and honest in a world where everything says you shouldn't even exist. Thank you for making me smile week after week with your unique joy and light. I hope your lives turn out as amazing as you deserve.

oh hai winter!

I missed you terribly.

I missed having hot tea in the middle of the day.

I missed long sleeved shirts and sweaters.

I missed the leaves turning orange, yellow and gold.

I missed hogging the down comforter.

I missed wearing slippers.

I missed chattering teeth and leather gloves.

I missed endless hours of baking.

I missed you winter, please stay a while this time?


the horror that is christmas

Okay, so christmas isn't really a horror. But have you been shopping recently? gah. I swear I almost snapped at a totally oblivious parent in Ross tonight who was ignoring her four year old having a tantrum. How do I know it was a tantrum? The little brat kept laughing every 20 seconds. I get that we all need to shop, and that some of us have to bring the kids, and that kids by nature are noisy, but for the love of god people you also have to realize that you aren't the only person in the store. She was sing-song screaming, I wasn't the only person who looked like they wanted to commit some mayhem.
The husband was with me. He usually likes shopping. He HATES christmas shopping. With a Passion worthy if Mel Gibson, he hates it. I offered to let him wait in the car and I would brave the melee alone. No. If you have a significant other, have you ever noticed the hover? They follow you around the store, like a big dog, and sometimes hold the stuff you find. So I guess more like a well trained pachyderm? Anyway, they hover. A few steps behind, far enough away that if you stop suddenly they don't run into you, but close enough that if you try to turn around to look at something they have to back up? Then they look annoyed? Yeah, that was my day.

On a non holiday note, it was my nephews 17th birthday. The boy (man-child?) is awesome. I love him to death. I think he is my favorite member of the family (in-laws). We went to a surprise party for him today. My husband isn't real fond of his sister or her asshat boyfriend. We went to be company for my niece (man-child's sister) who is 20 and had a sick boyfriend so she was feeling lonely. It wasn't too bad. It doesn't appear that asshat gave us all food poisoning, so score, basically.

the husband is asleep, I think I want some goldschlager. mmmmmm


Get the paddles!!

I just realized that this is only post 10 of 30. And it's the 20th. And I'll be out of town for thanksgiving. I think I'm lagging. So I will tell all of the uninterested what I made today. Honey Lemon Face Scrub! Yeah, I know it looks like something you probably wouldn't even want in your house, let alone on your face.I put one tablespoon each of raw sugar and salt into my magic bullet and pulsed it until it was powdered sugar consistency. Dump it into a container, add about 1 tsp of mint honey and 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice. Stir it up really well and you get a smooth paste. Smelled SO good. I washed my face and then after rinsing gently scrubbed with the goo on my fingertips and then rinsed it off. My skin Feels! So! Good! I'm not sure what possessed me to do this today. Just sounded like a good idea I guess. Oh no! I needed something productive to do after I had managed to knock a bottle of oil from pantry shelf, which hit the floor, cap popped off, and there was about a cup of oil running across my floor. Know what cleans up copious amounts of spilled oil? Nothing short of paper towels, 409 and hands and knees. Trust me on this. I'm still not sure I got it all.
After I managed to get most of the oil,and was fuming mad at myself I decided it was time for a shower. We have had a lot of shower problems. Which tend to make me crabby. But for all of the "repairs" that we have had in I don't want to think about how many years, this last one seems to have affected the tub knobs. huh? I don't know what they did but the know that makes the water go from spout to head doesn't work right, and now the water, both hot and cold, don't turn off all the way. My gorilla grip husband was the last person to shower. Soooo after the oil debacle, I decided it was shower time. But I COULDN'T GET THE WATER TURNED ON. argh.
Anyway, that's why I decided to make the face scrub.
a very clean face is better than no clean at all. You're thinking, wha?? What were we talking about it?
See that's why I don't blog as often as I should, my brain is a scary place where thoughts go round and round and are usually only understood by me. Be careful, it's a zoo.


Another Wordless Wednesday

the PERFECT roast


bettiness: part two

It was another Betty Crocker style weekend. Spent today doing blissfully nothing. The downside was that I developed a rather nasty headache, of the no medicine helps variety.

Back to Betty. I made more pumpkin muffins and am officially out of brown sugar, cranberries and fresh pumpkin. I also made 3 batches of peanut butter cookies. I think I baked for something like 5 hours, then I made chicken soup. With matzo balls. Bonus though, left over soup for dinner!

So, during all of this mindless baking, I was stressing over what to get the rest of the people on my list for christmas?!? There were 19 people on my list this year. I am down to my Mother-in-Law, my mom, my step dad, my stepbrother (whose 20 and kind of a git to my mom), a neighbor and my aunt-who has everything, needs nothing and is a compulsive shopper. And she has the money to be a compulsive shopper. argh. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. My mom is usually the easiest to shop for, but I seem to be having trouble this year.

Speaking of trouble, my head is hurting too much to type anymore. I think it's time to go make some tea and beat my head against the wall. That works right? The beating??


the kook in domesticity

I had an insanely Betty Crocker type day. You should be proud, I got stuff done even with a whiny husband at home. Husband had 2 teeth pulled om tuesday and was home a half day yesterday and all day today. He was mildly helpful while being slightly less whiny than the other day, so I guess...win win? I had him do the outside windows, thank god for being short short short, my excuse for not doing them is I can't reach high enough! Yea vertically challenged!

Anyway, I finally slaughtered my 4 remaining pumpkins last night. I got some funny video of husband trying to cut the uncutable pumpkin. He really jammed that knife in there too. This was 2 knives of 3, and it took a good 5 minutes to cut.
But he finally did it. It smelled very strongly of sweet pumpkin. I cooked 2 of the pumpkins, blended them in my Magic Bullet, and cooked the baby food style mush down to thick pumpkin sludge. I have been craving pumpkin-carrot-cranberry spice muffins. Feat accomplished! . Um, try not to see the halloween wrappers, they're what I had on hand. These were sooo good I can't even tell you. I made 18, there are now, um, 7. I guess to be fair 4 are going to work with husband to give to someone. But that means we ate what? 7? Oi. I also cooked about a pound of salt and pepper pumpkin seeds.
I guess it doesn't sound as impressive as it felt. But it took HOURS to get it all done. With a whiny husband in tow.

But tomorrow is friday the 13th! So excited! It's like a floating holiday that no one celebrates but me. Wait...what?


ok, I forgot wednesday.

How about wordless "It's still wednesday because I haven't gone to sleep yet"?

Here comes the UFO, somebody call Will Smith!


almost wednesday

Oh! Looking forward to a "wordless wednesday" a la A Madison Mom. Thanks for the great idea!

It's been a loooong day

Got up this morning with the intention of getting 3 very specific things done.

thing 1: Do four, count 'em, FOUR loads of laundry.

thing 2: Bake peanut butter cookies.

thing 3: Massacre remaining pumpkin, harvest, cook and eat their organs. Um, by organs I mean seeds. I think I have been watching too much Criminal Minds.

I got exactly ONE of those things done today. I did copious amounts of laundry. Cooking making was a bust as I didn't have enough flour. and the Pumpkins...well...I just didn't make it. And yet today has dragged it's proverbial ass. Husband went to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. He ended up with 2 teeth pulled. So, bleeding and grumping (I'm sure my laughing at him trying to talk through gauze in what sounded like baby-speak didn't help the grumping) and not looking forward to pudding for dinner....We took the car to the mechanic. BIG FUN. Some tubie, hose-like device that comes from the air filter needed replacing. $144.43. And we have an HONEST mechanic. Then he tells us, at least I am told this is what he said since I cannot understand but every 5th word (Vietnamenglish) the 2 motor mounts are busted. Another $250 to replace. Then he proceeded to show us. Do you know how freaking scary it is when the engine revvs then tries to jump from under the hood as if possessed?!? I do.

Then the drive to the store to get the script for the missing teeth pain, driving like a freaking old lady on sunday morning recovering from a hangover. (huh?) Good news though, 20 Vicoden = 29 cents. Thank you insurance.

I want a drink then to go to bed. Oohhhh....I did laundry.... that makes this the happiest day of the week! Clean sheet day.....

So, I guess even though I didn't accomplish 2 of the 3 things I intended to do it is ok. Hubby couldn't eat the peanut butter cookies anyway so no loss there, and I get to look at my pumpkins for another few days. Oh! I did manage to get some more stuff listed on Etsy, so I guess one extra task done! Yea!!



No. Not the show.

You find a hero (or two) in seriously some of the strangest places. The following is link to a blog from a women known simply as Swistle. She is warmhearted, funny, a little irreverent, honest and best of all she doesn't seem to be afraid to say what's on her mind. This was a recent post that I wish I could jump and down and cheer for without people looking at me like I'm insane. Like my husband. Who come to think of it would cheer too, so nevermind. READ THIS, and the comments, where one woman constantly keeps pointing out that "giving" Homosexuals the "right" to marry means we'll be marrying our siblings, farm animals and pets next. Yeah, it's gonna be like that. Awesome. I think I ranted about a similar topic last year when my backasswards state voted NO on Gay Marriage. Was seriously thinking about relocating to Canada.


wordless wednesday

neigh. hehe. :)

future gifties

This is post 2 of 30 (30!) of the National Blog Posting Month. 30 posts in 30 days. Hopefully this month of posting will draw in some new readers. For those new readers I'll be having a giftie giveaway near the end of the month. I won't tell you what now, but it will either be stuff pulled from Etsy shop or will be newly made and unlisted. Haven't decided. Stay tuned for details later in the month!


Life is complicated. I know, state the obvious why don't I?I am going to make an extremely long, complicated, and probably boring to anyone but my family, story short. Readers digest version if you will.

There is much fighting, backbiting, miscommunication, lying and self deluding going on in my family. Did I mention disowning? No? Well, my mother and my sister have mutually disowned eachother. But one can't seem to let it go and is constantly searching for reasons to cause more trouble. And is doing her damnedest to get others involved. What does one do with such a person? Change the subject? Avoid? Run like hell?

Yeah, welcome to my world.

On a lighter note, Stan got carved for Halloween and I am happily eating his roasted seeds. That sounded kinda wrong huh? Here's Stan. (on the right)

We had "The Pumpkin Who Would NOT Carve" Warren McWarty was chosen simply because he had such great Halloween personality. COVERED in pumpkin "warts" When I tried to cut into him THE KNIFE WOULDN'T GO IN. We tried the movie stab with the knife held high and jabbing it in, no go, 1/4" penetration. THEN he started to ...bleed? Is that right? you can see the dripping just near the top. We seriously had to give up. I think it must have been cross bred with one of those really hard/warty gourds. Probably better that I gave up as I am not generally allowed to play with knives. And by play I mean USE, and by use I mean nearly chop off a digit every few weeks.