bettiness: part two

It was another Betty Crocker style weekend. Spent today doing blissfully nothing. The downside was that I developed a rather nasty headache, of the no medicine helps variety.

Back to Betty. I made more pumpkin muffins and am officially out of brown sugar, cranberries and fresh pumpkin. I also made 3 batches of peanut butter cookies. I think I baked for something like 5 hours, then I made chicken soup. With matzo balls. Bonus though, left over soup for dinner!

So, during all of this mindless baking, I was stressing over what to get the rest of the people on my list for christmas?!? There were 19 people on my list this year. I am down to my Mother-in-Law, my mom, my step dad, my stepbrother (whose 20 and kind of a git to my mom), a neighbor and my aunt-who has everything, needs nothing and is a compulsive shopper. And she has the money to be a compulsive shopper. argh. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. My mom is usually the easiest to shop for, but I seem to be having trouble this year.

Speaking of trouble, my head is hurting too much to type anymore. I think it's time to go make some tea and beat my head against the wall. That works right? The beating??

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