cards of christmas

Do you send out Christmas cards? I've been sending them out every year for about 5 years I think. My husband hates filling out cards of any kind so I get to do it all on my own. Whatever I guess, he puts the return labels on them and mails them out. I'm trying to figure out if I want to send out cards this year, and if I do, do I send them out to everyone I normally do or just those people that I normally get them back from? I think I usually send out about 30, I bought a pack of 16 the other day. Does that mean that I already made the decision? I hate feeling obligated to do things at Christmas. There were 19 people on my christmas list. 19! I'm almost done but it's like 'Tis the season to go broke, not be jolly.
But I digress. What to do? I would normally start the cards after thanksgiving and send them out by december 1st. What to do? I feel like I want to ignore them.


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