Crafting with fire

That's right, fire. I made these really nifty hairpins using polyester scrap fabric, pearls and fire. Tutorial availabe via this Refabulous site.

I didn't really have any appropriate scrap fabric for these, but I found an old red holiday napkin that did the trick. I wouldn't normally be allowed to craft anything with fire, but, the husband was asleep (mwahahahahaha). If you are going to try this really do follow the tutorial and make sure you have a jar or bowl of water handy. I skipped that step, and started a small fire. The lack of water doesn't actually cause the fire but it would have been damn handy to have around. Cuz you know, after the melting point of polyester comes the burning point. Burning polyester goo. Yeah. Seriously though, awesome easy project, beautiful results.

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