Did you know resting while sick AND staying hydrated is impossible?

I think that was the longest post title I've ever written. I'd go check but I'm feeling way too lazy.
I somehow managed to get sick again. I think it was the thundering hoards in IKEA that did it. We were walking through the San Diego store and all I could think was OMG swine flu swine flu swine flu. Because CDC, sorry, but H1N1 just isn't going to catch on. Ever. Anyway, I don't have swine flu, I don't think. I'm not oinking anyhow. Weirdly no fever, my temperature actually went DOWN for 2 days. Down like, 95.9F down. That's never happened before when I've been sick. I am feeling better but by throat is sore and I sound like frog-girl. I started taking cold meds as soon as I thought I was getting sick. I was hoping to hit it hard early and keep it from getting bad. I do this bad thing where I get a head cold and my sinuses get sooo bad that I can't taste anything for days and one or both of my ears ends up blocked so I can't hear very well. Also, my colds have an annoying habit of going into my lungs. NOT FUN.

I found a problem with the staying hydrated-getting lots of rest thing. Not only do you constantly have to be getting yourself a drink but you know what that leads to?? Having to get up every freaking hour to pee. How is that restful? Seems counterproductive to me.

In the meantime, it's almost 3:30am, the stuff in cold meds that makes it, well, work, also makes me a little nuts. And it keeps me awake. Also counterproductive. By nuts I mean, think hyper five year old with too much sugar. Yeah. That's how I know my husband loves me. 7 years of colds and he's still here. Also, it makes me a little... bitey. My husband calls it the Sudafed Monster.

Shut up.

I'm going to go have a popsicle now. Hydration you know.

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