ftf tnlnsl tftc!

For those of you who aren't geogeeks, that reads First to Find Took Nothing Left Nothing Signed Log Thanks for the Cache. Yeah, see why all those little letters are so much easier.
The first to finds have been few on the ground recently. What's a first to find? I'll spare you the details, let's just say that someone hid something in a public area, posted it online at geocaching.com and we ran out to find it first. Two firsts in two days. I forgot how fun it was to run for a first to find. Seems silly, "Hey! Lets jump in the car and drive quasi-recklessly to find an unknown container, just so we can sign the log first! Oh!! And no one can see us do it!" It's really more fun than it sounds.
But you fellow geogeeks know exactly what I mean, don't you? :)

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