Get the paddles!!

I just realized that this is only post 10 of 30. And it's the 20th. And I'll be out of town for thanksgiving. I think I'm lagging. So I will tell all of the uninterested what I made today. Honey Lemon Face Scrub! Yeah, I know it looks like something you probably wouldn't even want in your house, let alone on your face.I put one tablespoon each of raw sugar and salt into my magic bullet and pulsed it until it was powdered sugar consistency. Dump it into a container, add about 1 tsp of mint honey and 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice. Stir it up really well and you get a smooth paste. Smelled SO good. I washed my face and then after rinsing gently scrubbed with the goo on my fingertips and then rinsed it off. My skin Feels! So! Good! I'm not sure what possessed me to do this today. Just sounded like a good idea I guess. Oh no! I needed something productive to do after I had managed to knock a bottle of oil from pantry shelf, which hit the floor, cap popped off, and there was about a cup of oil running across my floor. Know what cleans up copious amounts of spilled oil? Nothing short of paper towels, 409 and hands and knees. Trust me on this. I'm still not sure I got it all.
After I managed to get most of the oil,and was fuming mad at myself I decided it was time for a shower. We have had a lot of shower problems. Which tend to make me crabby. But for all of the "repairs" that we have had in I don't want to think about how many years, this last one seems to have affected the tub knobs. huh? I don't know what they did but the know that makes the water go from spout to head doesn't work right, and now the water, both hot and cold, don't turn off all the way. My gorilla grip husband was the last person to shower. Soooo after the oil debacle, I decided it was shower time. But I COULDN'T GET THE WATER TURNED ON. argh.
Anyway, that's why I decided to make the face scrub.
a very clean face is better than no clean at all. You're thinking, wha?? What were we talking about it?
See that's why I don't blog as often as I should, my brain is a scary place where thoughts go round and round and are usually only understood by me. Be careful, it's a zoo.

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