No. Not the show.

You find a hero (or two) in seriously some of the strangest places. The following is link to a blog from a women known simply as Swistle. She is warmhearted, funny, a little irreverent, honest and best of all she doesn't seem to be afraid to say what's on her mind. This was a recent post that I wish I could jump and down and cheer for without people looking at me like I'm insane. Like my husband. Who come to think of it would cheer too, so nevermind. READ THIS, and the comments, where one woman constantly keeps pointing out that "giving" Homosexuals the "right" to marry means we'll be marrying our siblings, farm animals and pets next. Yeah, it's gonna be like that. Awesome. I think I ranted about a similar topic last year when my backasswards state voted NO on Gay Marriage. Was seriously thinking about relocating to Canada.

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Swistle said...

Aww, dude, THANKS! This is so nice! Gonna go read your post now.