the horror that is christmas

Okay, so christmas isn't really a horror. But have you been shopping recently? gah. I swear I almost snapped at a totally oblivious parent in Ross tonight who was ignoring her four year old having a tantrum. How do I know it was a tantrum? The little brat kept laughing every 20 seconds. I get that we all need to shop, and that some of us have to bring the kids, and that kids by nature are noisy, but for the love of god people you also have to realize that you aren't the only person in the store. She was sing-song screaming, I wasn't the only person who looked like they wanted to commit some mayhem.
The husband was with me. He usually likes shopping. He HATES christmas shopping. With a Passion worthy if Mel Gibson, he hates it. I offered to let him wait in the car and I would brave the melee alone. No. If you have a significant other, have you ever noticed the hover? They follow you around the store, like a big dog, and sometimes hold the stuff you find. So I guess more like a well trained pachyderm? Anyway, they hover. A few steps behind, far enough away that if you stop suddenly they don't run into you, but close enough that if you try to turn around to look at something they have to back up? Then they look annoyed? Yeah, that was my day.

On a non holiday note, it was my nephews 17th birthday. The boy (man-child?) is awesome. I love him to death. I think he is my favorite member of the family (in-laws). We went to a surprise party for him today. My husband isn't real fond of his sister or her asshat boyfriend. We went to be company for my niece (man-child's sister) who is 20 and had a sick boyfriend so she was feeling lonely. It wasn't too bad. It doesn't appear that asshat gave us all food poisoning, so score, basically.

the husband is asleep, I think I want some goldschlager. mmmmmm

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