It's been a loooong day

Got up this morning with the intention of getting 3 very specific things done.

thing 1: Do four, count 'em, FOUR loads of laundry.

thing 2: Bake peanut butter cookies.

thing 3: Massacre remaining pumpkin, harvest, cook and eat their organs. Um, by organs I mean seeds. I think I have been watching too much Criminal Minds.

I got exactly ONE of those things done today. I did copious amounts of laundry. Cooking making was a bust as I didn't have enough flour. and the Pumpkins...well...I just didn't make it. And yet today has dragged it's proverbial ass. Husband went to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. He ended up with 2 teeth pulled. So, bleeding and grumping (I'm sure my laughing at him trying to talk through gauze in what sounded like baby-speak didn't help the grumping) and not looking forward to pudding for dinner....We took the car to the mechanic. BIG FUN. Some tubie, hose-like device that comes from the air filter needed replacing. $144.43. And we have an HONEST mechanic. Then he tells us, at least I am told this is what he said since I cannot understand but every 5th word (Vietnamenglish) the 2 motor mounts are busted. Another $250 to replace. Then he proceeded to show us. Do you know how freaking scary it is when the engine revvs then tries to jump from under the hood as if possessed?!? I do.

Then the drive to the store to get the script for the missing teeth pain, driving like a freaking old lady on sunday morning recovering from a hangover. (huh?) Good news though, 20 Vicoden = 29 cents. Thank you insurance.

I want a drink then to go to bed. Oohhhh....I did laundry.... that makes this the happiest day of the week! Clean sheet day.....

So, I guess even though I didn't accomplish 2 of the 3 things I intended to do it is ok. Hubby couldn't eat the peanut butter cookies anyway so no loss there, and I get to look at my pumpkins for another few days. Oh! I did manage to get some more stuff listed on Etsy, so I guess one extra task done! Yea!!

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