Japanese Awesomeness

A few months ago my mom bought these for me at the swap meet for 99 cents. They were little teensy tiny wee plastic like balls. You put them in water and they grow. Note the super cute japanese packaging.
Anyway, they were suppose to take 4 hours to grow in 2 cups of water. After what I would guess was about 3 hours they looked like this. Flashlight for effect, they didn't glow but that would have rocked. So after playing with them for a while we added more water. Today they look like this.
The smallest ones look like peas and the largest are the size of globe grapes! they feel like fish eggs. I think. I've never actually touched fish eggs. They almost feel slimy but they're not. They are So! Much! Fun! I have trouble describing how awesome they are. What makes them even cooler is the directions on the back. You can totally tell they were translated, badly.
What? you can't read them? Allow me to assist.
product use information
1. add water 400g on the product. about 4 hours it will grow up
2. one clear beauty satiety face will grow up
3. when the flower want to oxygen and nutrition, I will help you too much


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