Jon and Kate

I hate Jon Gosselin. There. I've said it. My reasons aren't totally selfish. Have you watched this show recently? Have you managed to catch his hypocrisy in action? "I don't think it's good idea that the kids do the show anymore, it's not healthy for them to be so public" (not a direct quote, I'm paraphrasing) THEN he takes them to a ball game and has them not only introduced to the whole stadium, one at a time, but he also tells them that people want to meet them because they're famous and here kids come shake hands with strangers. WHAT? If I was Kate I'd be pissed.
Anyway, I guess that's neither here nor there. We get it Jon, you got married early, had 8 kids before you were 28. I don't remember the person holding the gun to your head in your wedding photo's, did you airbrush him out? Where did your life go? Where did your youth go? You got divorced and felt free? Wonderful moment to capture for kids to see Jon. That you got to leave their mom and them behind while you gallivant around the world with a woman who was little more than a child herself and you were so bloody happy. Congratulations, you win the douche canoe award.
I feel like he doesn't appreciate his kids. They are beautiful, intelligent, loving and sprightly little miracles of nature. I wish that I lived closer to them and give Kate someone to count on, who wouldn't turn on her. I wish I could get to know those wonderful children better and watch them grow. I sit here crying as the last minutes of the last show tic by and I hate Jon more and more for taking a weekly dose of light and joy away from me, from all of us who have come to love these kids, and appreciate the miracle that is their lives simply by watching.
Okay, the show is over and I can barely see I am crying so much.
For Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aeden, Collin, Leah and Joel. Thank you for being so pure and honest in a world where everything says you shouldn't even exist. Thank you for making me smile week after week with your unique joy and light. I hope your lives turn out as amazing as you deserve.

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