the kook in domesticity

I had an insanely Betty Crocker type day. You should be proud, I got stuff done even with a whiny husband at home. Husband had 2 teeth pulled om tuesday and was home a half day yesterday and all day today. He was mildly helpful while being slightly less whiny than the other day, so I guess...win win? I had him do the outside windows, thank god for being short short short, my excuse for not doing them is I can't reach high enough! Yea vertically challenged!

Anyway, I finally slaughtered my 4 remaining pumpkins last night. I got some funny video of husband trying to cut the uncutable pumpkin. He really jammed that knife in there too. This was 2 knives of 3, and it took a good 5 minutes to cut.
But he finally did it. It smelled very strongly of sweet pumpkin. I cooked 2 of the pumpkins, blended them in my Magic Bullet, and cooked the baby food style mush down to thick pumpkin sludge. I have been craving pumpkin-carrot-cranberry spice muffins. Feat accomplished! . Um, try not to see the halloween wrappers, they're what I had on hand. These were sooo good I can't even tell you. I made 18, there are now, um, 7. I guess to be fair 4 are going to work with husband to give to someone. But that means we ate what? 7? Oi. I also cooked about a pound of salt and pepper pumpkin seeds.
I guess it doesn't sound as impressive as it felt. But it took HOURS to get it all done. With a whiny husband in tow.

But tomorrow is friday the 13th! So excited! It's like a floating holiday that no one celebrates but me. Wait...what?

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