The aforementioned cheesecake was So! Good! We managed to get it (and the evil pumpkin pie)to San Diego in one piece and cold thanks to a bit of spectacular pie plate architecture, a cold pack and some husband like ingenuity. It ended up cracked down the middle when it came out of the oven even though I put a pan of water in with it. Of well! It was so good as to be almost criminal. I had 4, count them F O U R, pieces. In 3 days. It only got better as it aged, as the recipe promised. I can't believe we managed to NOT eat it before hand. The force must have been strongly in our favor. (I think my geek is showing a little).
I think the cheesecake may have been the saving grace of what could have been an otherwise, um, bloody - crying dinner. My Aunt managed to offend my husband by insinuating that it is not okay to be gay. (Not that he is but we have several friends and extended family that are and we love them very much). When he called her on her on it she claimed she never said such a thing and that she thinks it was very inappropriate to bring up during dinner. Then she picked up her ill-behaved mexican rat dog AT THE DINNER TABLE and put it in her lap and fed it. wah?!?
I think we all could have done without my Aunt this holiday. She got up in the morning and cooked a turkey, then brought some with her. Did I forget to mention that my mom made a 16 pound turkey? I did? The Aunt knew. She also brought a whole freaking dinner with her. We all have to go out of our way to accommodate my vegetarian uncle-who won't eat eggs but eats dairy? Then she had to reheat the whole dinner before we could eat.
You know how when your trying to make a big meal and you have a bunch of stuff going on at once? Help is sometimes good but only from people who know how to dance? That's what we call it. Dancing. When you have to glide and twirl and anticipate the others in the kitchen so everything moves smoothly? My mom and I learned how to dance when I was little, my husband is improving. My aunt planted herself stage left and ignored the music. I thought my mom was going to physically attack her with kitchen utensils.

By kitchen utensils I mean knives.

By knives I mean, well, knives.


Thus ends another thanksgiving. thank god.

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