Life is complicated. I know, state the obvious why don't I?I am going to make an extremely long, complicated, and probably boring to anyone but my family, story short. Readers digest version if you will.

There is much fighting, backbiting, miscommunication, lying and self deluding going on in my family. Did I mention disowning? No? Well, my mother and my sister have mutually disowned eachother. But one can't seem to let it go and is constantly searching for reasons to cause more trouble. And is doing her damnedest to get others involved. What does one do with such a person? Change the subject? Avoid? Run like hell?

Yeah, welcome to my world.

On a lighter note, Stan got carved for Halloween and I am happily eating his roasted seeds. That sounded kinda wrong huh? Here's Stan. (on the right)

We had "The Pumpkin Who Would NOT Carve" Warren McWarty was chosen simply because he had such great Halloween personality. COVERED in pumpkin "warts" When I tried to cut into him THE KNIFE WOULDN'T GO IN. We tried the movie stab with the knife held high and jabbing it in, no go, 1/4" penetration. THEN he started to ...bleed? Is that right? you can see the dripping just near the top. We seriously had to give up. I think it must have been cross bred with one of those really hard/warty gourds. Probably better that I gave up as I am not generally allowed to play with knives. And by play I mean USE, and by use I mean nearly chop off a digit every few weeks.

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