wordless wednesday

refrigerator glacier


Joann's Math

I've never been very good at math. I can do baking math in my head or calculate sale prices and tax without too much difficulty. But OMG people! I went to Joann's the other day, have you ever actually looked at a Joann's receipt during a sale? All I could say was ..wuh?? Here is the really bad photo of my actual receipt:

I bought 8 yards of blur tulle and 8 yards of black netting - no, I'm not making an enormous poodle skirt -So, 8 yards at .74 cents per yard is $5.92 another 8 yards at .64 a yard is $5.12, both sale prices and both correct. I also bought 2 remnants one of which is super shiny fire engine red I think mylar, woven onto black rayon. Which is the red shimmer weave listed below. Here is where Joann's math made me want to bang my head against some stucco. I'm sure if you have some math medals (swistle I'm looking at you) This makes perfect effing sense. But for those of us who up until yesterday thought next month was MARCH, it was a little more difficult..667 yards red shimmer weave fabric @ $2.09 a yard is..... $1.39. Makes sense so far.

Regular price $6.99, which as far as I can tell has nothing to do with anything and is just meant to confuse me.

Remnant (50%) -which was an additional sale- .......... 0.70-

So, wuh? Why the hell are there so may number there? Why can't it be just the damn price I paid?!? It did it again just underneath with the Pink Tonal Floral. ARGH!

I finally got it but had to run my brain around in circles for a while. Thank you Joann's for the killer deal on fabric ($12.12 with tax for 16 yards of fabric? DEAL!) but please, for the love god and my sanity, simplify your receipts, the stucco pattern on my forehead isn't pretty.

This is what I did with all 16 yards of fabric. It's been straightened out since this photo but taking another might wake the husband.

Now any ideas for this fabric? About 1 yard, matches nothing I own and is super shiny red RED, not the orangish it is here.


*Almost* Wordless Wednesday

view from our bedroom window


Penny Lane

Damn the Beatles and Damn Penny Lane. Damn them to HELL.

I actually really like the Beatles. Have since I was a kid. I was sitting here, pulling and planting my farm in Farmville on facebook and listening to music. Penny Lane goes by and I'm singing, bopping around a bit, and WHAM! I want fish pie. The line is "Four of fish and finger pie" I don't want four, I'll settle for ONE. Flaked whitefish cooked in milk baked under a mound of buttery mashed potatoes basically. I would put it in the dinner rotation but NO. My husband hates fish. Ocean lake or river, shell or no shell, HE WON'T EAT IT. Which means I won't make it. Frankly here folks, making two dinners is ridiculous and time consuming. Oh, and I have a tendency to stir everything with the same spoon. Oops!

So I languish. I pine. I gently seethe that the husband won't eat fish while I Want! Fish! Pie! This is starting to feel like it's bordering on obsession. I will do nothing but think about fish pie every time we talk about what to have for the next meal. DAMN!

Ugh, I'm actually looking at pictures of fish pie.

I think I need to go do something else now. Right now. That doesn't involve the kitchen, the internet or the Beatles.
What does that leave?


Eduardo on Wordless Wednesday

You know me, ALMOST wordless wednesday. Eduardo decided I looked like fun to *play* with. Since I tend to trap spiders under glasses (or bowls) and wait for someone else to deal with them..he got a reprieve.



I have a lot of stuff. We're just going to put it that way. I have the tiniest apartment you've ever seen outside of NYC. Under my bed (which is totally enclosed) and in my closet are masterpieces of storage. We affectionately call the closet the Black hole of Calcutta. I keep a fairly firm handle on the rest of the house and don't let the clutter take over (no thanks to my husband, who thinks if a surface is flat he Must! Put! Something! There!) Sometimes I feel like I am battling uphill, like in the weeks after Christmas. Woe the weeks after Christmas. Sometimes I don't always feel like I succeed.
Breakthrough! I'm watching Hoarders on A&E. I totally feel like I'm content with the system now. My quasi-organized closet? JUST FINE. My under-the-bed hidey hole storage? PERFECT. The books e v e r y w h e r e?? THRILLED!
Sometimes a little perspective helps.

Now that I have made it sound like I feel like I am so much better than these people....
Let's take a moment to say that I know that that isn't right. These people are sick. Really, truly, mentally ill and would NEVER claim to be a better person based on that. More like I can see that it could be a LOT worse, and I am grateful for what I have and what I can do. I know I'll spend the rest of my life cleaning off the flat surfaces, and I'm ok with that.



Oh my God, you guys! I poached an egg! 2 eggs! I consider this an amazing accomplishment, let's face it it is a massive goatf#ck just waiting to happen. Water that is almost simmering, salt, vinegar and an egg. Seems like it should be easy, right? It was DAUNTING. You plop the egg in the water and looks like a sea monster swimming in a pan of egg drop soup. Seriously, it looks like you f#cked it up from the word go. Notice the sea monster tail?

While it was cooking I swear it looked alive. I was so almost convinced it wouldn't be edible, you know, due to its aliveness, that I took some video.

Lo and behold, I poached an egg. I was so completely excited that made another egg. I would probably have gone through the whole 18 had I not found some self restraint. I don't know where it came from, but there it was. Strictly speaking I am not even supposed to eat eggs. I like them but they hate me. A true love hate relationship. But you know what? F#CK THAT. I took a lot of medicine and ate them anyway. On toast. It. Was. Perfect. So perfect I wanted to cry a little. Once out of the pan I managed to totally ignore the fact that mere moments before I was almost convinced that the hot water had somehow rendered them alive.

Silly girl.


wordless wednesday

why did the chicken cross the road?


time has lost its track

Which is to say that I totally lost track of time what with all the busyness surrounding the holidays, being out of town , and, let's face it, PROCRASTINATING.

Christmas was a huge success, there was no blood spilled. I think I owe this largely in part to 1: Only having to see my sister in law and her ass hat boyfriend for all of about 3 minutes. And 2: My mom and the aforementioned crazy aunt had an all out screaming match just a few days before Christmas so No! Crazy! Drama! for the this particular holiday, and I have the feeling many holidays to come.

Oh and you guys! I did a post back in December about my wish list, go look, I'll wait......

I actually got the Twilight Lip Venom and the Bruffle for Christmas! I was SO Excited! funnily enough I think my favorite gift was one I picked myself, and only cost $6 on Ebay WITH shipping.

That's right, a Plastic Domo Kun coin purse.
Among the surprises this year is the first piece of jewelry my husband has ever bought me that I totally knew NOTHING about. Diamonds and Sapphires and 14k White gold. I know I was shocked too.

You know how when you buy something for someone you're always afraid that they are going to take one look at the box and just know what's inside? I bought my husband a box of Harry and David Royal Riviera Pears, which had to be refrigerated until Christmas. I wrapped them, put them in a bag and stuck them in the fridge. Then proceeded to spend the next WEEK insisting that I had no idea why the "guy" insisted that I needed to put the box in the fridge. But since he was the expert I was going to listen. We're talking 5 pounds of pears here people. And it worked. No freaking clue. The problem is now though that it will never work again. But those pears are GOOD.

I think I am going to go eat a pear right now.