Oh my God, you guys! I poached an egg! 2 eggs! I consider this an amazing accomplishment, let's face it it is a massive goatf#ck just waiting to happen. Water that is almost simmering, salt, vinegar and an egg. Seems like it should be easy, right? It was DAUNTING. You plop the egg in the water and looks like a sea monster swimming in a pan of egg drop soup. Seriously, it looks like you f#cked it up from the word go. Notice the sea monster tail?

While it was cooking I swear it looked alive. I was so almost convinced it wouldn't be edible, you know, due to its aliveness, that I took some video.

Lo and behold, I poached an egg. I was so completely excited that made another egg. I would probably have gone through the whole 18 had I not found some self restraint. I don't know where it came from, but there it was. Strictly speaking I am not even supposed to eat eggs. I like them but they hate me. A true love hate relationship. But you know what? F#CK THAT. I took a lot of medicine and ate them anyway. On toast. It. Was. Perfect. So perfect I wanted to cry a little. Once out of the pan I managed to totally ignore the fact that mere moments before I was almost convinced that the hot water had somehow rendered them alive.

Silly girl.

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Rose said...

: ) So funny. I only recently started poaching eggs. Only because my daughter loves Ramen noodles. Her daddy is Asian, so she'll try anything. Loves noodles and tons of things I look funny at. I still cant stand the smell of kimchi.

So, I'm making noodles for her one day and she says she wants an egg with it. I think, alright, then scramble and egg. She says "No, and egg like daddy makes." I find out that hubby just drops the raw egg into the water. To please my baby girl, I make it for her. I saw the same sea-monster-egg-creature that you saw. : ) My first thought was that I did it wrong, and that it wouldnt cook properly. Oh well, it ended up looking just like the lil white puffy discs with the drippy yellow center. Just what she wanted. I'm still not going to eat it, though. teehee