Joann's Math

I've never been very good at math. I can do baking math in my head or calculate sale prices and tax without too much difficulty. But OMG people! I went to Joann's the other day, have you ever actually looked at a Joann's receipt during a sale? All I could say was ..wuh?? Here is the really bad photo of my actual receipt:

I bought 8 yards of blur tulle and 8 yards of black netting - no, I'm not making an enormous poodle skirt -So, 8 yards at .74 cents per yard is $5.92 another 8 yards at .64 a yard is $5.12, both sale prices and both correct. I also bought 2 remnants one of which is super shiny fire engine red I think mylar, woven onto black rayon. Which is the red shimmer weave listed below. Here is where Joann's math made me want to bang my head against some stucco. I'm sure if you have some math medals (swistle I'm looking at you) This makes perfect effing sense. But for those of us who up until yesterday thought next month was MARCH, it was a little more difficult..667 yards red shimmer weave fabric @ $2.09 a yard is..... $1.39. Makes sense so far.

Regular price $6.99, which as far as I can tell has nothing to do with anything and is just meant to confuse me.

Remnant (50%) -which was an additional sale- .......... 0.70-

So, wuh? Why the hell are there so may number there? Why can't it be just the damn price I paid?!? It did it again just underneath with the Pink Tonal Floral. ARGH!

I finally got it but had to run my brain around in circles for a while. Thank you Joann's for the killer deal on fabric ($12.12 with tax for 16 yards of fabric? DEAL!) but please, for the love god and my sanity, simplify your receipts, the stucco pattern on my forehead isn't pretty.

This is what I did with all 16 yards of fabric. It's been straightened out since this photo but taking another might wake the husband.

Now any ideas for this fabric? About 1 yard, matches nothing I own and is super shiny red RED, not the orangish it is here.

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