Penny Lane

Damn the Beatles and Damn Penny Lane. Damn them to HELL.

I actually really like the Beatles. Have since I was a kid. I was sitting here, pulling and planting my farm in Farmville on facebook and listening to music. Penny Lane goes by and I'm singing, bopping around a bit, and WHAM! I want fish pie. The line is "Four of fish and finger pie" I don't want four, I'll settle for ONE. Flaked whitefish cooked in milk baked under a mound of buttery mashed potatoes basically. I would put it in the dinner rotation but NO. My husband hates fish. Ocean lake or river, shell or no shell, HE WON'T EAT IT. Which means I won't make it. Frankly here folks, making two dinners is ridiculous and time consuming. Oh, and I have a tendency to stir everything with the same spoon. Oops!

So I languish. I pine. I gently seethe that the husband won't eat fish while I Want! Fish! Pie! This is starting to feel like it's bordering on obsession. I will do nothing but think about fish pie every time we talk about what to have for the next meal. DAMN!

Ugh, I'm actually looking at pictures of fish pie.

I think I need to go do something else now. Right now. That doesn't involve the kitchen, the internet or the Beatles.
What does that leave?

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