time has lost its track

Which is to say that I totally lost track of time what with all the busyness surrounding the holidays, being out of town , and, let's face it, PROCRASTINATING.

Christmas was a huge success, there was no blood spilled. I think I owe this largely in part to 1: Only having to see my sister in law and her ass hat boyfriend for all of about 3 minutes. And 2: My mom and the aforementioned crazy aunt had an all out screaming match just a few days before Christmas so No! Crazy! Drama! for the this particular holiday, and I have the feeling many holidays to come.

Oh and you guys! I did a post back in December about my wish list, go look, I'll wait......

I actually got the Twilight Lip Venom and the Bruffle for Christmas! I was SO Excited! funnily enough I think my favorite gift was one I picked myself, and only cost $6 on Ebay WITH shipping.

That's right, a Plastic Domo Kun coin purse.
Among the surprises this year is the first piece of jewelry my husband has ever bought me that I totally knew NOTHING about. Diamonds and Sapphires and 14k White gold. I know I was shocked too.

You know how when you buy something for someone you're always afraid that they are going to take one look at the box and just know what's inside? I bought my husband a box of Harry and David Royal Riviera Pears, which had to be refrigerated until Christmas. I wrapped them, put them in a bag and stuck them in the fridge. Then proceeded to spend the next WEEK insisting that I had no idea why the "guy" insisted that I needed to put the box in the fridge. But since he was the expert I was going to listen. We're talking 5 pounds of pears here people. And it worked. No freaking clue. The problem is now though that it will never work again. But those pears are GOOD.

I think I am going to go eat a pear right now.

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