That's exactly how I've felt for the past 27 days. Well, 30 years, but that's neither here nor there at the moment. I came down with allergy/cold like symptoms on the 3rd of february. I went through fever, chills, sore throat, coughing. Now 27 days later I'm still not totally better. Food almost tastes normal. Almost. I can't quite taste sugar. Even though I don't eat a lot of sugar it's amazing how much it still sucks. 27 days? REALLY?

Also, I finished 2 paintings.

I gave away a bracelet on facebook, the Sunny one, the other will go up for sale.

I played with my photo editor:

I got a new bathroom. What a joy it was to have workman here for 3 days while I had a fever. New tub, new tile, new shower head, new rack, new knobs, new doors.

I adopted a new badge, a la TheBloggess.

This badge totally makes me want to make little knife shaped stickers and affix them to every womans bathroom sign with the little chic on it that I see.

So, here we are. March 2nd. Oh yeah, as if the being 30 thing wasn't enough of a SUCK, my little sister turned 18 last month. My niece turned 15 yesterday. What is going on with the world?!?

Depressed now. Maybe now that I'm feeling a better I can keep up with a little more than wordless wednesday.


Annah said...

I love your wordless wednesday :) Beautiful and strange pics too. Oh vey! lol. And that badge is awesome-ness.

Swistle said...

WHY OH WHY has someone not made little knife stickers for women's bathroom signs???? I would totally participate in such a project.