wth? it's almost christmas.

Time for the annual wish list. Wait. Did I do a wish list last year? Hm. Apparently not. SO! Not so much of an annual thing. The hell with tradition! Here we go, this years wish list, and there isn't even a doing-crack-over-the-top-expensive thing on it!

The cutest tiny owl pendant EVER. Look at him SCOWL.

Army issue Jungle Boots

Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman

Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee
See. Nothing outrageous. Although I did leave the expensive boots off the list. Let's just say they were black, heeled and had buckles. Oh hell. Here's the photo.

Off to bed to dream of boots.....


Wil Wheaton, where art thou?

I have a problem.
Yes, another one. Shut up.
I keep having dreams about Wil Wheaton.
Shut up.
I recently started following him on twitter and I seem to have forgotten over the intervening years just how awesome I always thought he was.
My dreams are in no way inappropriate, unlike the Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black dreams, which were a bit more than vaguely inappropriate.
These dreams are more like being acknowledged by a best friend you never knew you had. And that best friend also happens to be the coolest kid in school. And we hold hands and skip (yes, skip) and smile a lot. It's fun and comfortable. When I wake up and realize that it was just a dream and that Wil Wheaton has no clue I exist I feel deflated. Like being told your best friend suddenly hates you for no reason. Then I think about it all day.
How do I break this cycle? You know, without seeming nuts? I have no desire/talent for being stalkerish. Frankly, that's creepy.
I would make this an open letter to Wil Wheaton but there is always that "doesn't know I exist" barrier.
I would like to actually be friends after a fashion. Hell, I don't even know what that entails. I guess an internet 'friend' would be someone that answers your emails? Knows your name? Stops by(virtually) to say hello every once in a while? None of that sounds right. I guess I am doomed to a life less Wil Wheaton.
And that feels a little...hollow.


20 little bags for LaFASA

Sometime last week I was directed to a blog post via a Twitter post by a trusted blogger named Swistle. The blog post I was directed to was by MistyatOurHouse, entitled Hide Me! or How to (in)Effectively Raise Funds for Nonprofits . Misty is working with LaFASA, or the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault, for those of us who aren't good with acronyms. If you have a few minutes please check out their site, working to end sexual violence is a noble and worthwhile cause.
LaFASA is holding an auction of donated items and the proceeds go to funding the foundation. After very, very little consideration, I decided that donating some items to the cause was the least I could do. In case you never noticed, I have an Etsy shop, you can see some stuff over there ---> SO, I made 10 bracelets and 10 pairs of earrings to be included in the gift baskets up for auction. Materials including (but not limited to) goldstone, unakite, garnet, hematite, fire agate, pyrite, prehnite, pearls and glass. All wrapped up in gold tulle and black ribbon.

I hope in some way my small contribution will be able to help even one person in crisis who has suffered from sexual assault.

Interested in helping out with donated items or funds? I'm sure even $5 would help. Just ask Misty at misty.ourhouse@yahoo.com


they need to call it "going dmvish" instead of postal

DMV: the Ongoing Saga
DMV:Here, you can now renew your ID by mail, just send us money!
Me: Ok, here's your money, make with the ID.
Me: Hell-O? Make with the ID.
**15 weeks later**
Me:Dear DMV, it's been just short of forever, make with the little plastic card.
DMV: Oh, sorry, we updated it but never mailed it.
Me: Why?
DMV: Dunno. Call this other number and find out.
Me: Grrrrrrr. Hello official office, make with the plastic.
DMV: Can't. Not sure why. Call back next week.
Me: Grrrrrr. *nextweek* Hi! Where is my card?
DMV: Sorry, you need to go take a new photo. This one is too dark for the new cards.
Me:Thus defeating the purpose of having me renew by mail?
DMV: What?


too much coffee, weirdness, and a creeper

Where to start? I've had too much coffee today. I think, think, I am at 4 cups. It may be 5. I don't actually remember. I am feeling slightly lightheaded and my hands are all jittery. Making it hard to type so let's hope spellcheck has it's shit together today.
I'm gonna go get another cup of coffee. I'm drinking the last of my columbian cumbre fuerte (which I think loosely translated, means something like 'some strong shit, for serious') which was brought to me from actual Columbia. I just measured how much comfortably fits into my cup (ie: before I slosh it everywhere), 7 ounces. I'm on either my 5th or 6th cup. No milk or sugar. So, according to my calculator because I can't do math right now, that's somewhere between 35 to 42 ounces. In less than 3 hours. That's more than a quart of coffee.
I know? Why didn't I just look on highly accurate cups measure on my pot instead of calculating? Because I use a french press. Which is now almost devoid of coffee. Sad.

On this odd coffee binge I decided cooking was a good idea. Me+fire usually equals Bad Idea. Today it equalled weirdness. I made this: These?

Clockwise, starting at noon (11:45ish) Blueberry Cinnamon Chicken, Bacon Vodka with brown sugar and pepper, Beef with red wine and chocolate, Plain chocolate chicken, Hot chocolate chicken. Oddly, the Vodka Bacon was the best. The plain chocolate didn't really taste like anything. I think with some sugar the blueberry cinnamon may have been decent. The beef didn't come out as well as I had hoped, maybe 1/10th of expectations? Hot chocolate and chicken are an intriguing combination, something was lacking but I am unsure as to what. The bacon vodka was the clear winner. Faintly like chicken cooked in the rendered fat from a single slice of peppered brown sugar bacon. May require some more experimentation.

Last but certainly not least, the Creeper. I went to a small party this Saturday. Had a pretty good time. It was just supposed to be 4 of us, nosh, alcohol, movies and living room camping. It started well enough, for the first hour? Maybe 2? And then the party crashers showed up. Obnoxious neighbors that made me infinitely glad that I did NOT live in that building. I don't remember any of their names,
i didn't then either, so I named them in my head. Tiny Girl in Inexplicable Sunglasses, Idiot Boyfriend with First Person Shooter Game Fixation, Annoyingly Loud and Repetitive Landlady Who is Disproportionately Freaked Out by Lack of At&t Reception, Extra Uninvited Guest of Landlady, and finally, The Creeper.
The hubs and our friend ran out to the car, our host, tiny girl and video game boy were outside smoking, the landlady and uninvited guest were in the kitchen, leaving me in the dining/living room with....the Creeper. I took my glasses off to clean them (he watched the whole time)when I put them back on he said how nice they looked on me. Thank you. "Because you know, not everybody can wear glasses, but yours look really nice. Very pretty." O...kay? Thanks again? THEN "Your hair is really pretty. Such a pretty color, so smooth." Thanks? Ack! "I really like it, it's so pretty." the hubs was gone 5 freaking minutes. I thought at first, maybe just awkwardness? But OMG, for serious? They came back and the 'party' resumed. I tried to stay away from him by he kept hovering like he was in freaking ORBIT. Compliments are always nice, I consider myself average in the looks department. Long dark blonde/light brown hair, blue/gray eyes, short, slightly overweight. I have no delusions about my appearance. Look, here's me.
My hair is blonder here than it is currently, but you get the idea. Also, had trouble finding a photo of me.
Also, feeling slightly coffee woozy and it is almost 5pm. I've been at this since 4pm. You'd think coffee would have made me faster.

Until next time, in the meantime, watch out for Creepers.


what is going on here?

I just tried to log in, well, here, and was told my blog no longer existed. Um, what? Someone is messing with my accounts, here, twitter, lord knows what else, so I have been changing passwords left and right. Who and why? I am not important in any way, I don't think I've pissed anyone off, so what's up universe? Not cool.

I'm working on a present for the hubs birthday and need around $60 more to order it. even if you aren't a facebook friend, enter the code facebookfriend at checkout for 25% off everything. Please help me make this a great birthday for my hubs!

Oohhh, pretties....


like being pooped on by a passing seagull

Went to the doctor today and she added another medicine. ANOTHER PILL EVERYDAY. Blood pressure medicine. Not to lower my bp but to protect my kidneys. My bp is normally about 115/75 Which is absolutely perfect as far as that stuff is concerned. So I got the damn pills and took one tonight. We tested before and around an hour later. 113/70 and 90/60. We had to take it twice because it wouldn't register the first time. Like call two doctors and I can be declared legally dead.
That makes 5 (or 6) pills everyday. 0 to 6 at the speed of freaking light.
As a bonus (a real one) I lost 8 pounds last month.
Yeah me.

If life is a seagull, and I am the innocent bystander, can I feed it some raw rice and alka-seltzer now?


it happend again. cougar dream.


I had another vaguely inappropriate Taylor Lautner/ Jacob Black dream.
Only this time there were several other wolf boys running around in all their shirtless, bronze skinned, muscle-y goodness.

They were competing for my attention and giving me deep dark wolf eye stares. And flexing the muscles. SWEETBABYJANE, flexing the muscles.

I told my husband about the first dream and he laughed at me. It was both awkward and embarrassing. I think I will keep future dreams to myself.

I have decided that being a cougar in my dreams with a fictional (Jacob) character is fine with me. Which means I probably won't ever have another.
Please let there be future dreams.


inappropriate wolf dream

Yes. Highly inappropriate. Cougaresque with the inappropriateness.

I had a dream about Taylor Lautner. A shirtless, bronze skinned, gorgeous- Taylor Lautner.
In case you were wondering, I am 32. Taylor? 19. Nine-freaking-teen.
We were alone is some house I didn't recognize and I told him I thought I was falling in love with him. He got all pissy and asked why I only thought I loved him? Didn't I know? Then he smiled that devastating Jacob Black smile and said he loved me too and we were going to move into our place and get married and be together always. Then he kissed me. (That part could have gone on a bit)
He went upstairs and for some reason there was a hole in the front door glass and a baby bear kept trying to get in and I scaring him back out. I boarded up the glass and ran upstairs. I found him in bed with some girl and they were kissing quite passionately. I asked him how he could do that to me when he just said he loved me and wanted to marry me? He grinned again and said, "It's ok baby, this one's for the road." I was horrified and ran away.

Then I woke up. Confused, a little hurt and slightly horrified that I was having romantic dreams about a 19 year old actor.

I will admit to being Team Jacob.
I will admit that dreaming about him again might not be quite as reprehensible as it felt the first time.
I will (grudgingly) admit that I have a rather unhealthy desire to, er, lick those abs.

I guess to be fair to my psyche, I was dreaming about Jacob Black, not Taylor Lautner.

That makes it ok right? RIGHT?


eight thousand three hundred feet

This past weekend there was a new moon(yes, every time I say it twilight jokes run through my head), as I live in the city there really isn't such a thing as stars. The hubs and I decided to head up to Mt. Pinos, about 80 miles away. We packed some blankets, pillows, food, water, telescope and cameras. It was over 100 degrees at home when we left and a much more comfortable 85 when we arrived at the mountain top. After parking and finding the "facilities" - which consisted of a two stall hut/shack of very low "toilets" set over very deep holes AND they were a quarter of a mile from the lot down a dirt trail with a nasty uphill at the end. Wait, where was I? Oh yes, we put on out water packs and went for a hike. I think the trail was only about 1.5 miles but it was narrow and sloping both up and down. 1.5 miles is really good for me, especially at 8300 ft. Proof:
Once the sun FINALLY went down and the stars came out, OMG PEOPLE, So! Many! Stars! The milky way was blatantly visible, almost as if it was mocking us. Haha, you can't see me from home! The milky way is a jerk.
The people up there were more or less snooty. The bigger/more expensive the telescope, the snootier and cliquish the people. There were a few nice ones, but my last nerve was twangy. TWANGY.
We slept in the car, (which if you have never done, DON'T) for about 3 hours and around 3am the hubs woke up, saw I was awake and says, "Sit up, seat belt, we're going home." Blissful, happy words.
In case I have never mentioned it I have a bit of an anxiety problem. The road down the mountain was windy, not too bad, but windy nonetheless. Parts of the windy also had pitch blackness drop offs. I was beating down the panic, bludgeoning it. It was hard. I was SO happy to see flat road again. We stopped at the FlyingJ truck stop at the bottom of the mountain, an honest to god truck stop. We had pizza and headed home. My own bed was a wonderful, wonderful thing.
Not sure of we will ever do it again. Mt. Pinos was gorgeous, with thousands and thousands of tall pines. But the people and the after dark stupidity was a bit much for me.


wondering how I pissed off the universe

It has been a severely crappy few weeks.
I thought I was preggers and went and had a blood test.
BUT I am apparently diabetic and my cholesterol is high.
I've lost 30 pounds in the last 3-4 months and it wasn't sufficient.
Now I have to take medicine daily and further change my diet beyond the recent changes I have already made.
It has been a dark, dark few weeks.
I'm now taking 5 pills daily.
Sticking my finger twice.
Using inhaler before exercise.
Holding on by my fingertips to my sanity.



the day my world tried to fall apart

I can barely see straight as I write this. Everytime I turn my head everything has a trail, my hands look like an old school 3-D image, just without the nifty glasses. I can't ever remember being this tired. Ever.

Sunday night my husband complained of pain in his side and back. He's had it before, a few hours go by and it goes away on its own. We figured it was his gallbladder, he had the right symptoms but I never could get him to go to a doctor. This past Sunday night the pain didn't go away, it just got worse, when dinner came back up I decided it was time to go to the hospital.

10pm on a Sunday night the ER was actually really quiet. For being so quiet though he still had to wait in a wheelchair for almost an hour, in pain, while they sorted him out. We're sorry, doesn't look like your gallbladder, BUT we think you have kidney stones, have a shot of this medicine and you should start to feel better in about 10 minutes.


Once he got a tiny ER room and some morphine, he could finally sleep, but this was after 11pm. That's 6 solid hours of crippling pain before morphine. And over 9 more hours of waiting for a room in the hospital to open up. I sat up, those 9 hours more or less alone, in a dark, quiet ER room with my drugged up husband, not knowing what was happening. Several random ER doctors and a few tests later we still knew nothing. "You have to wait for the surgeon."

Wait. What? The surgeon?
Who called a surgeon?!?

We eventually made it upstairs, to the SURGICAL FLOOR, at around 8:45am. You know when you are so thirsty you feel like you would commit hary cary just for some water? My husband was feeling that way. No liquids for surgical patients, not even ice.

Surgical patients. *cry*

They wheeling a gurney to just outside his room at about 9:15am and left it there. I made some random joke about how it was for him and we laughed. No surgeon had seen us yet, it couldn't be for him right? RIGHT?


The surgeon showed at about 9:40am and says, "You'll be having your appendix out." I asked when and he says, "It's already on the OR schedule for this morning." ok doc, W H E N?!? "Within the hour." Not in AN hour, within THE hour. THE hour only had 15 minutes left.

*panic* -whilestilllookingcalm-

And then they came to take him away. Just like that. My robustly healthy husband was on his way to emergency surgery. And I was stuck with my in-laws in the waiting room. I think I was barely aware of them, all I had had to eat or drink in 12 hours was a cup of ice chips, 2 cups of water and cup of coffee. By that point I had been up something like 28 hours and would go to 31 before I got a 45 minute nap.

When the surgeon came out he said "Acute Appendicitis" and that everything went perfectly. Apparently the world wasn't going to fall apart. Just me, when I got home, so tired. After I showered and ate....I don't remember what. I slept my 45 minutes and went back to hospital.

Home again, my husband is ALIVE, and will again, someday soon, be robustly, aggressively healthy. But right now it looks like it will be quiet for a while.

I like quiet.
And sleep.



what the hell calendar?

How did it get to be March 21st? Wasn't it just, like, Christmas? Really?

My wedding anniversary was March 17th. 8 years of weddedness. So far so good.
We spent the day of our anniversary wandering around LACMA. I was so sore after 8 hours of concrete and hard museum floors. I already want to go back though and more thoroughly explore the European galleries. A few favorites:

Urban Lights, an outdoor exhibit featuring over 200 restored street lamps.
Untitled. Seems a bit lazy to create something huge and thought provoking and then not name it.

The Death of Lucretia by Ludovico Mazzanti

The Mocking of Christ by Gerrit van Honthorst

Portrait of a Young Woman with a White Coif by Hans Holbein the Younger. I was completely transfixed by his tiny painting.

Satan by Jean-Jacques Feuchère. I wanted to abscond with one but it was heavy,

Miss Charlotte Papendick as a Child by John Hoppner

After the museums we went to Luna Park for dinner. If you're ever in Los Angeles - GO THERE.
We had grilled artichoke (the best I've ever had) and I had Mahi with couscous salad. I meant to take a picture but I had um, already eaten it by the time I remembered.. We ordered 2 desserts ($8.50 each!) I recommend the s'mores. I've never been s'mores fan but they make their own graham crackers and it comes with a pot of bittersweet chocolate over a candle to keep it warm, and the marshmallow comes similarly in a pot with a candle. It is crusty and brown on top and foamy inside. We kind of fought over it. GET IT. Get TWO. Worth it.

There was much sleeping and video gaming the rest of the weekend. We went and saw Paul on friday. (I could barely walk) It was good, but I didn't seem to find it quite as funny as everyone else did.
So, now it's monday. Ugh, monday. Back to the grind.


shopping as balm for a battered psyche

A few weeks ago I yelled at the universe for being such a douche canoe and then went and bought things to make myself feel better. I mentioned having bought a Tudor era brass buckle. Here it is:
It makes me slightly giddy thinking about who may have worn this. Was it on a hat? A shoe? A ladies gown? Did it buckle a corset? Did it hold beautiful silks? Or sturdy leather? Gah, I could go on and on.

I also bought some handmade soap. Lime, pepper, basil, cucumber and spice. It smells SO GOOD. Need soap? I recommend AfterDarkApothecary The shop owner is awesome and easy to work with. Her soap is silky and lathers well, it doesn't leave my skin dry either!
In thinking about what kind of soap I would like I am getting more interested in making my own soap again. It's been a lot of years since I made soap. Then I found out something very much extremely irritating. You can't really buy lye in Los Angeles off the shelf anymore. I guess it is used to make Meth. Damn drug addicts! First they ruined my cold meds, now my soap!

Wow. I went to get the link for the soap and then spent 20 more minutes shopping. Distracted much?
Now, what to have for lunch? :)

horripilation - not as painful as it sounds

I came across this word a few days ago while I was looking for something else I have now completely forgotten. I love learning new words, but I can't see ever using this word. Ever. It means 'to have goosebumps'. I guess it would be funny if when you had goosebumps at some function or other where you didn't like the people you could clutch your arms and run out screaming, "Horripilation!" Just a thought. ( I just spell-checked this and blogger claims horripilation isn't even a word)

I got a new kitchen faucet today. Here was the progression:

Tuesday: Tell the manager that my current (now former) faucet had sprung a strange leak in the neck.

Wednesday: Plumber/contractor comes to look at the faucet since he was going to be in the building anyway. Promises to return the next day with a new faucet.

Thursday: Wait all freaking morning.....wait some more....plumber shows up and brings wrong faucet. Blames others. Promises to return with right faucet. Tomorrow.

Friday: Getting pissy. Plumber returns, installs new faucet after fighting with old faucet for 20 minutes. New faucet is PLASTIC.

Prediction? New faucet with get broken within 6 months. Repeat.


let a smile be your umbrella...

Dear Universe, If I let a smile be my umbrella, I would drown. Not because I don't smile but because a smile looks like an upside down umbrella. Which would COLLECT water. Thus drowning me. Bite my ass universe and save the platitude for another sucker.

What is up with this week? My grandmother died. My father-in-law had a heart attack. My mother-in-law (on the way to the hospital) got into a 3 car accident when some 19 year old kid more or less broadsided her. She's 67 (68?) and fairly fragile. My niece was in the car and is now in various degrees of pain. My husband is freaking out. AAHRHRGHHG!

*breath breath breath*

On my only positive note, I have managed to keep up with my Postcrossing. I just wrote a card to a woman in Finland. They really like their postcrossing in Finland.

I also bought myself some small feel better gifts. A 500 year old Tudor era buckle, some handmade soap, some jewelry findings. So hey, mosey on over to the right and look at my etsy shop, buy something so I can pay for all this stuff! Just kidding, (notreally), but seriously, etsy has some great stuff and there is no rule that says you can't look at the pretty pretties right?

Holy crap! When did it get to be 2:48am?
I think that means time for bed. Okay, it means time to read a chapter or two of the Graveyard Book then time for bed.

Oh, Universe? You want to take it a little easier on me tomorrow (today)?


down with the sickness

oh-em-gee, soooooo freaking sick.

I think I have the kitten flu. I have a sore throat, stuffy head, a f*cking fever, nausea and coughing. Coughing SO BAD that all the muscles in my abdomen and around my back hurt, like hurts to breath even, coughing makes me want to cry.
I named it the kitten flu because it makes me weak like a little kitten. meow.


I gave up on the above post because I felt way too bad to sit in front of the computer anymore. It's been a week and I'm almost better, still some cough, still stuffy enough that everything smells/tastes really messed up. Do you know how fun that makes cooking dinner? My fever stuck around for 3-4 days and hovered around 102F. I was so weak that showering was next to impossible (but I persevered).

My grandma died a few days ago and I think I'm in denial. There's been no crying or fretting. Is that wrong? I feel like I should be more upset. Maybe if I knew her better? I feel bad for my dad, who admitted to his blubbering when she passed, he is not a sharer or a blubberer so I found that fairly signifigant. I think I feel bad that I don't feel worse. Vicious cycle?

Time for more cold medicine and then bed.


i guess... one sick husband.

I have this book, Wishes by Jude Deveraux, in which the heroine is asked if she had to pick which would she prefer to deal with for an undetermined length of time. One sick husband OR three sick kids. I always figured I'd pick the three sick kids. Alas, alak and woe, all I get is one sick husband.

ONE SICK HUSBAND. No offense to the men of blogland, but men are babies when sick.

Not to mention it's been almost a year since I've been sick. The last time I got sick it went on for over 35 days. 35 days without being able to taste much of anything. Do you know how hard it is to cook when nothing tastes right? I whined about it here at the 27 day mark. I can feel my sinuses trying to drain and my throat hurting a little. Not amused universe. Not amused.

ARRHGH!!! Anyway.......

We DID buy our new tv, and a new blu-ray player. I almost cried when we dropped just over $800 at Fry's. But I totally used thier price-match policy against them and got everything for $70 less. WooHoo internets!

We finished the project I wordless wednesday'd (wow, incorrect usage much?) last week.

We stained the pine ebony, (which didn't come out as dark as I wanted), I padded and upholstered top with a pretty duel tone steel blue that looks like it has little birdie feet-prints all over it. The husband attached the top with brass hinges and we put a black metal hasp on it to hold it closed. Anybody have an antique/vintage (working) lock with a key they want to send me? Please? It's about 16 cubic feet inside, if I did my math right (aAHHAhahahaha, my high school algebra teacher is laughing somewhere in hell right now)And it holds my crafting stuff. It acts as a footstool/bench. It ALSO acts as a table when needed as we had a glass table top stored (that I don't remember where it came from) that fits perfectly at 4'x 2'. Couldn't have worked out better if we had planned it that way.

Uh-oh. 6:15pm and I haven't started dinner. Let's all hope that the husband gets better QUICK. also, that I don't get sick at all.


wordless wednesday - HELLO!!


all is not well

Almost midnight and all is not exactly well.

That transmission problem? The gear shift plate something something something is going bad and it's not worth replacing/rebuilding the transmission for $2500+. SO. We let it go and it could a few more years before it goes totally, then we buy a new car. OVER FUCKING JOYED. I'm just thrilled, can't you tell?
So. panicpanicpanic panicpanicpanic

So we are doing the responsible thing. We're buying a new TV.
This TV, I think.

I also think we might be staying on The Queen Mary for our anniversary. I've never even been on a cruise ship. I have the feeling that I will be up all night watching/waiting for ghosts with my camera on. Could be fun though.

Like I said, it's almost midnight and for some reason I don't want to go to bed. This day has sucked pretty hard for no apparent reason.

I'll be in a better, hopefully more entertaining mood tomorrow. I promise.


12:36...and it's tomorrow

You know, technically it's never tomorrow. Now that I've burst my own bubble.....

I finished a book today that was dark and tragic and beautiful. The Wise Woman by Philippa Gregory. It took some pretty serious turns that I probably should have expected from Gregory, but it seems I did not. I think I was expecting something different than I got and was pleasantly surprised. I won't bore with my description, but I will recommend and link here if you're interested.

On the heels of this great book came a call from my husband asking me how much money we had in the bank. WARNING WARNING starts blaring in my head. When I asked why he said that the car wasn't shifting properly and it red lined when he got on the freeway today instead of shifting like it was supposed to. G-R-E-A-T. I wish I could make that period bigger.
He got home and took the car to the mechanic, who is thankfully across the street. They checked the transmission fluid and said it smelled burned and they we going to flush and change it.. We'll see if that does it. I guess you need to change your transmission fluid every 50,000 miles. Last time ours was changed? Never.
Our mechanic is a super sweet 60 year old Vietnamese man. He always quotes us a fair price and sticks to it, he never tries to upsell more parts or service, they do good work and we have never been charged a diagnostic fee. Not even absorbed into the price of the repairs. also? I can't understand a word he says. Ok, that's not entirely true, I understand about every 3-4th word (if I'm lucky) but my husband can understand him better so I think we're ok. When I was telling my mom this story tonight I said that he could probably tell us that he had a unicorn out back doing oil changes and I'd be all, Oh, Ok!

My mom and my husband were laughing hysterically at this.

I'm not sure if I inadvertantly made a really good joke, or if I should feel mildly insulted.

Now I claim my unicorn is telling me things. I think most people call talking to the voices in your head delusional.

But I have a unicorn so I'm totally safe.




That about says it all. I'm feeling very blah. Kind of sad and hurt and useless. I'm sure it will pass, in the meantime I am gorging on my favorite coffee and cleaning. Which I hate (hatehate) to do, but like the results.
I also ordered some postcards on Etsy for my postcrossing promise to myself.


California Oranges, kinda

It was kind of neat the other day, I sent my first postcard of the year, to Kansas (from California whee!) and I got a messege from the recipent, I guess I was her very first postcrossing card. Kind of awesome.

I think I'll go get a new address and drink another cup of coffee now.


i hate resolutions

Happy New Year!

Question: Why do we set ourselves up for failure and disappointment on the very first day of the new year? One word *RESOLUTIONS* We make these promises to ourselves to be better people, to lose weight or communicate more or stop smoking or whatever your particular poison is this year. How many times have you made a resolution and broken it (or forgotten about it)? A LOT right? Why set yourself up for the disappointment? Wow, that sounded a little jaded.

And now for the shocking news. I made a resolution, of sorts. I am going to try to send out at least ONE postcrossing card a week, so hopefully at this time next year I'll have at least 52 cards from other people.

That being said, it's been an appallingly long time since I've been here. Um, 10 months? Yeah. Suffice it to say that a LOT has happened since we talked last. Here we go -inanutshell-

The husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. I turned 31 which seems to have been better than turning 30 for some reason. I decided to let my hair grow out and not keep dyeing it every 4 weeks, it is coming in a lovely burnt honey color and I now think I should have made this decision earlier. What else? The husband and I hosted two flash-mob style geocaching events and finally made it to 1000 caches found. Which was awesome. We'd like to do a bigger event but I can't figure out how to, you know, do it, without breaking the bank. I mentioned a while back that I was having trouble with some family members. I think they popped out of the same mold. Selfish, hypocritical, back-stabbing, delusional liars who fully -100%- deserve eachother. Back in June? May? I came home to find that my sister and niece has deleted and blocked my husband and I from facebook, a psychopathic friend wasted NO TIME in informing me that my sister was no longer speaking to me because I (and my mother) had called child services on her. That she "knew" it was me because of how the report was worded. Whuh?!? that is the most ridiculous thing I had heard in a while. I KNOW it wasn't me, and I'm damn near certain it wasn't my mom. How do I know it wasn't her? She was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks (2 weeks?) before child services came! On some massive drugs, like to the point that she didn't know where she was half the time. Yeah, SURE it was her that called...

I was kind of pissed about it all for awhile because I also found out(through a forwarded email) that she was telling some massive lies and saying some fairly nasty things about my husband and I. Mostly me. THEN I realized that I was SO MUCH BETTER OFF WITHOUT ALL THE DRAMA and that I felt so much relief that I didn't have to deal with the lies and stress anymore, that I am now grateful that she jumped to the wrong conclusion and bolted.I'm sure I'll change my mind about this feeling eventually, when I'm not so angry about the phone calls, emails and general backbiting. I still miss her sometimes but then my logic center wonders what exactly I'm missing.
Life has been a LOT less stressful for the last 7 months and for now I'm okay with that.
Wow, that was a big nutshell.

It was pretty quiet the rest of the year, my husband and I don't even fight to make it interesting. No, I won't say that. I love him and our non-fighting.

Running away now, should probably figure out what to make for dinner tonight. Wheee!