12:36...and it's tomorrow

You know, technically it's never tomorrow. Now that I've burst my own bubble.....

I finished a book today that was dark and tragic and beautiful. The Wise Woman by Philippa Gregory. It took some pretty serious turns that I probably should have expected from Gregory, but it seems I did not. I think I was expecting something different than I got and was pleasantly surprised. I won't bore with my description, but I will recommend and link here if you're interested.

On the heels of this great book came a call from my husband asking me how much money we had in the bank. WARNING WARNING starts blaring in my head. When I asked why he said that the car wasn't shifting properly and it red lined when he got on the freeway today instead of shifting like it was supposed to. G-R-E-A-T. I wish I could make that period bigger.
He got home and took the car to the mechanic, who is thankfully across the street. They checked the transmission fluid and said it smelled burned and they we going to flush and change it.. We'll see if that does it. I guess you need to change your transmission fluid every 50,000 miles. Last time ours was changed? Never.
Our mechanic is a super sweet 60 year old Vietnamese man. He always quotes us a fair price and sticks to it, he never tries to upsell more parts or service, they do good work and we have never been charged a diagnostic fee. Not even absorbed into the price of the repairs. also? I can't understand a word he says. Ok, that's not entirely true, I understand about every 3-4th word (if I'm lucky) but my husband can understand him better so I think we're ok. When I was telling my mom this story tonight I said that he could probably tell us that he had a unicorn out back doing oil changes and I'd be all, Oh, Ok!

My mom and my husband were laughing hysterically at this.

I'm not sure if I inadvertantly made a really good joke, or if I should feel mildly insulted.

Now I claim my unicorn is telling me things. I think most people call talking to the voices in your head delusional.

But I have a unicorn so I'm totally safe.


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