all is not well

Almost midnight and all is not exactly well.

That transmission problem? The gear shift plate something something something is going bad and it's not worth replacing/rebuilding the transmission for $2500+. SO. We let it go and it could a few more years before it goes totally, then we buy a new car. OVER FUCKING JOYED. I'm just thrilled, can't you tell?
So. panicpanicpanic panicpanicpanic

So we are doing the responsible thing. We're buying a new TV.
This TV, I think.

I also think we might be staying on The Queen Mary for our anniversary. I've never even been on a cruise ship. I have the feeling that I will be up all night watching/waiting for ghosts with my camera on. Could be fun though.

Like I said, it's almost midnight and for some reason I don't want to go to bed. This day has sucked pretty hard for no apparent reason.

I'll be in a better, hopefully more entertaining mood tomorrow. I promise.

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